The Department is determined to cultivate high caliber innovation-oriented talented personnel in art design for digital products, focusing the teaching and learning on the present digital product development status of mobile network and intelligent terminal, taking the development of the ability of digital product art design for mini-movie and short video production as our core task, setting up the talented students training directions focusing on the digital film and television production with interactive media design as a supplement, cultivating  students to obtain and master the abilities of the Creation of Special Effects, Film and Television Post Production, Digital Photography, Network Video Production, Internet Product Development, Network Interactive Design and Production, New Media Art Comprehensive Design, and other related applications, enabling the students to be competent in handling job positions such as Digital Film and Television Production in media culture industry and other related areas, and planning, creation, production, communication, operation or management of network media.  The Department has a full-time teaching staff of 5, including 1 full professor and 1 associate professor, who all possess rich teaching and practical experience in Digital Art Design, cooperatively work with industrial experts and designers to teach through the combination of industry practice and classroom education. In addition, we always encourage our faculty and staff members to realize the integration of curriculum teaching with visual communication, and environmental art with related fields of study.


Training Objective

     The Department is targeted to cultivate the students to possess good digital technology and aesthetic cultivation, good ability of using basic theoretical knowledge of art design and art construction, confidence in the creation of ideal digital products and services needed by the clients, the integration of product planning, development and design, to become the needed application-oriented art design talented personnel who are capable of handling the job positions such as the designing focused on digital product creation, management, and the related video-audio production, visual communication, integrated media design, environmental facilities or display design, working for the professional designing sectors of the enterprises and institutions.

     The core courses of this field of study include Interactive Media Technology, Script Design of Film and Television Sub Shot, Interactive Product Design, Digital Film and Television Product Manufacturing, Digital Film and Television Special Effects Editing and Production, and Digital Film and Television Post Synthesis.   

     The department cultivates students to master the core technology and knowledge of multiple interdisciplinary fields of study through the learning of Digital Video and Audio Production and Editing, Digital Photography and Video Recording, Animation Design, Digital Media Network Transmission, UI and Interactive Media Design and other practical training classes.


The Degree to be Conferred

     Bachelor’s Degree in Art Design

The Certificate to be Granted

     The Skill Certificates to be granted to the qualified graduates include Animation Game Designer Certificate, 3D Digital Designer Certificate, Graphic Digital Designer Certificate, and etc.


Employment Prospects

     Graduates of the Department are expected to be hired by the companies and enterprises such as network media companies, media industry, film and television advertising industry, entertainment and game industry, animation design companies, industrial product design and other industries, engaged in the job positions of film and television director, visual designer, interaction designer, product designer, graphic designer and others.


Some employment units over the years

    Some employment units over the years include Shanghai World Travel Network Technology Co. Ltd, Shanghai MiHaYo Network Technology Co. Ltd, Shanghai Maxwellyu Technology Co. Ltd, and Shanghai International Theme Park Co. Ltd (Shanghai Disney Resort Co. Ltd).



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