Product design professional guided by the demands of talents is distinguished from present product design direction in college. Facing to Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta area. International vision should be build, basic theory and professional skills are needed. Comprehensive application design talents with strong aesthetic ability, design expression ability, innovation ability, actual project operation ability, higher professional quality, orientation and public facilities design and planning ability, interaction design ability, innovation ability and practice ability should be cultivated. Talent cultivation ecological model that based on ability should be established, consisting of teaching curriculum system, school enterprise cooperation, international domestic cooperation, discipline competition, professional practice and training base.


Now, there are 8 full-time teachers, including 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 3 lecturers, 1 teaching assistant and all of them are masters except 1 doctor in product design professional; In addition, there are 3 part-time teachers. There will be 4 enterprise teachers according to the development of majorincluding two Logo-Oriented Systems Design and 2 Public Facilities Design direction.

Professional Core Courses: Product Design Principle, Procedure and Methodology of Product Design, Design Materials and Applications, Identity-oriented System Design, Public Facilities Design, Interaction Design

Professional Education Features: project-run through type teaching, close college-enterprise cooperation, international cooperation and exchange

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