Training Objective

The Department is devoted to cultivate high quality, application-oriented, and talented Korean language professionals who have a solid foundation of Korean language, master the knowledge relevant to the history, society and culture of the target country, possess the ability of engaging in translation and other related work posts in industries and enterprises such as foreign affairs organizations, foreign economic and trade sectors, foreign funded companies, cultural exchange associations, news publishing presses, tourist agencies, education institutions and others, and the capability of conducting cross-cultural exchange.  


Characteristics of School Running

The Department, based on the application-oriented education and paying great attention to the learning and training of the students’ Korean oral ability, has adopted the teaching mode of “foreign language + professional skills” in order to enhance the cultivation of students’ vocational and professional abilities.


The Demands of Talented Personnel

The demand for talented Korean language translation professionals is tremendous, for there are numerous Korean companies and enterprises in the city of Shanghai and greater Shanghai regions; they have frequent people-to-people exchanges; and the talented Korean language translation professionals are very much needed by the society.  However, there is just few institutions of higher learning offering Korean language major, as a result, the Korean professional translators and interpreters are in shortage; and especially those high-caliber talented Korean translators and interpreters are extremely scarce.


International Cooperation

The Department has made good effort in establishing international cooperation and exchange with South Korea, signing up agreements with 5 institutions of higher learning including Busan University of Foreign Studies, Changshin University, Dongduk Women's University, Sangmyung University (Seoul Campus), and Hallym University, conducting teaching seminars for faculty members, students exchanges, and cooperative programs of 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 in jointly nurturing students. The Korean Department of Shanghai Sanda University has jointly set up a course articulation program with the Chinese Department of Busan University of Foreign Studies for students from both institutions to conduct mutual course studies one-on-one online, and also jointly set up a cooperative program with South Korea National Tourism Bureau as “South Korean Tourism Image Ambassador Selection Contest and Korean Speech Contest which has been held for two sessions so far. All these cooperative activities have deepened the Sanda students’ understanding of the Korean culture.




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