The study of Environmental Design is an applied art of integrated design in the form of art, aiming at the internal and external space environment of architectures. It is a new, frontier, and comprehensive art system engineering, involving architecture, landscape, psychology, material science, ergonomics, aesthetics and other disciplines, covering environment and facilities planning, space and decoration planning, modeling and construction planning, utilization function, aesthetic planning, and many other aspects.  


The Department has set up clear and high standards for training objectives, aiming to cultivate application-oriented high-caliber personnel for companies and enterprises in the fields of building’s Interior and exterior decoration and landscape design, with the rapid development of urban environmental construction, the vigorous development of creative industries and the increasing demands by the society for talented professionals in environmental design to

build a talented personnel training system with distinctive industry characteristics and strong applicability, to establish a relatively complete curriculum system and teaching quality assurance system based on ability, and to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many construction, landscape and interior design companies,  We have carried out in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises in practical teaching, professional internship, teaching material construction, project application and research, and achieved good results.


    The Department has a highly qualified teaching team composed of 11 full-time faculty members including 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, and 5 lecturers who all holding a Master’s Degree and the higher; one of the faculty obtained Ph.D. Degree from overseas.  In addition, the Department also invite professors from well-known institutions of higher learning and well-established senior professionals to take our part-time teaching positions to form a double-qualified teaching team of a reasonable structure, possessing high professional quality and excellent teaching and research capabilities.


     In recent years, the Department, relying on this faculty team, has accomplished the construction of 2 Shanghai Municipal Excellent Courses, 3 Shanghai Municipal Key Courses, undertaken around 10 Municipal Key Education Reform and Education Research Projects, Edited and published 10 textbooks, published more than 20 academic papers, and won a number of awards such as Excellent Textbook Award, Shanghai Municipal Talent Cultivation Award, and Excellent Instructor Award in many national professional competitions.

Training Objective

    The training objective of this Department is targeted to cultivate application-oriented high-caliber personnel to satisfy the increasing demand of Shanghai proper and the Yangtze River Delta Region, who have all-round development in morality, intelligence and physique, master the basic theoretical knowledge and professional skills, possess solid foundation in art design, high aesthetic ability, good cultural and artistic quality, international vision, strong learning ability, communication and coordination ability, strong practical ability, and adaptability to the professional work positions related to environmental design.


    The Department, according to the basic requirements of the students’ professional quality, creativity and professional skills and others, will integrate basic academic curriculum with professional design courses, strengthen the cultivation of professional literacy and the consideration of design innovation, nurture and enhance the students’ ability of professional practice through the construction or projects through the professional core curriculum, adopt the

Teaching mode of integrating small-class teaching, double-qualified faculty teaching as well as studio system, using the Art Design Experiment Center as the training platform, realize the combination of academic teaching content with practical application, relying on integration of the Department’s academic studies with the practical experience obtained from a numerous school-industry training bases at our cooperative companies and enterprises.  


    For the past 3 years, the students of this Department have won more than 40 awards in national, provincial and municipal high-level competitions. The graduating students are unanimously recognized and appreciated by employers. The average employment rate has reached 99%, showing a sign of being still continuing to increase year by year.

Main Courses

    The main courses offered by this Department include Collegiate English, Design Sketches and Colors, Preliminary Design, Basic Course Series of Morphological Design, Design Perspective, Chinese and Foreign Architecture History, Ergonomics, Courses Series of Computer-aided Design, Representation Techniques of Environmental Hand-drawn Renderings, Model Making, Interior Furnishing Design, Lighting Design, Display Design, Course Series of Interior Design, Landscape Design, and etc.;


Core courses

   The core courses include Small Architecture Design, interior design, and Course Series of Landscape design.


The Degree to be Conferred

      Bachelor’s Degree in Arts

The Certificate to be Granted

The Skill Certificates to be granted to the qualified graduates include Interior Designer, Landscape Designer, Architectural Designer, Decoration Designer, Exhibition Designer, International Commercial Art Designer, 3D Digital Designers, Graphic Digital Designer, and etc.;


Student Employment Rate over the Past Years

The student employment rate between 2017 to 2019 is at 99%100%100% respectively.


Employment Prospects

     Graduates of the Department are expected to be employed by professional designing companies, enterprises and governmental sectors, through serious academic studies in reasonably-set curricula and practical training activities, to be engaged in the fields of Architectural Interior Environmental Art Design, Architectural Exterior Environmental Art Design, Urban Environmental Art Design, Landscape Art Design, Modern Decorative Art Design, Exhibition Design, Furniture Design and other fields of design, planning, construction, management and other posts.


The Targeted Job Posts for Our Graduating Students

     The job posts targeted for our graduating students include Interior Designer, Landscape Designer, Construction Drawing Designer, Soft Wear Designer, Cabinet Designer, Furniture Designer, Effect Drawing Production Designer, Graphic Designer, Budgeter, Project Assistant, Construction Supervisor, and etc.

Some employment units over the years

     Some employment units that have hired our graduating students over the years include Shanghai Construction Sub-No. 1 Decoration Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yishang Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai Legend Exhibition Design Engineering Co., Ltd., He Yi Design Co., Ltd, Ideal International Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruifeng Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Urban and Rural Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangmu Landscape Design Co., Ltd., PCDI Group in Shanghai, Shanghai Zhongjing Landscape Design Co., Ltd., Shimao Group, East China University Environmental Art Design Institute, and etc.;


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