Sanda University, with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, signed up a cooperative partnership with Rider University in the United States and established an undergraduate program in international economics and trade (Sanda-Rider Cooperative Program).  It started to enroll students in 2002. The nature of this program is of international cooperation and not an independent operation, with a schooling of 4 years and offering advanced education (undergraduate and dual-degree).


  The Department, ever since 2002, has enrolled 18 cohorts with a total number of 1,129 students.  By the end of 2019, 353 of the cohort students successfully obtained the USA visas (100/% success rate) and went to study overseas.  Among the students who have already been abroad through this program, 334 have obtained dual bachelor's degrees, and another 8 are still working on an undergraduate degree.  284 of these students have obtained a master's degree and another 28 are still in the pipeline.


 Training Objectives

  International Economic and Trade major (Sino-us cooperation) has to satisfy the curriculum requirements of both Chinese and American (Rider) institutions.  The objective of this cooperative program is to cultivate Sanda students through systematic academic teaching and ability training, to be high caliber, multidisciplinary, globalized and talented business professionals needed by the country, the City of Shanghai, and, especially the Yangtze River Delta Region, who have good ethnic quality, a sense of social responsibility to serve the country and people, an all-round moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development, and comparatively solid knowledge and skills in economic management, possess the ability to abide by the professional ethics, laws and regulations, international vision and the ability of handling jobs internationally, the ability to comprehensively use multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, independent and innovative thinking, the ability of problem analyzing and problem solving, the ability to proficiently use an internationally accepted and popular foreign language and modern information technology to engage in business cooperation and communication under cross-cultural background, and the adaptability to the development of economic globalization and information modernization.

 Core Curriculum

I.  The core courses required by Sanda University

Microeconomics (English), Macroeconomics (English), International Economics (English), Marketing (English), Accounting (English), Finance, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Econometrics, Public Finance, International Trade Practice, International Settlement and Documents, Foreign Trade Correspondence, International Business Law, and etc.


II.  The core courses required by Rider University

Introduction to Business (English), Management Accounting (English), Financial Management (English), Social and Legal Environment (English), Management Information System (English), Organizational Behavior (English), Production and Operation Management (English), Strategic Management (English), and etc.



  On the basis of the strength of Chinese faculty members in the major of International Economics and Trade, it is agreed that 5-8 core courses designated for the Sino-US cooperative program are to be taught all in English by Rider faculty members or Rider endorsed adjunct professors.  The rest of the courses are to be taught bilingually by Sanda faculty members with either overseas study background or rich years’ teaching experience. As for the practical training course, they are to be taught by personnel with working experience in companies and enterprises.


Distinctive Features

  The Sino-US Cooperative Program, actually a joint-venture partnership cooperation between Sanda University and Rider University in the USA, is designed to achieve the articulation of Sanda’s international business training mode with that of Rider University in the United States, by enrolling the qualified students through the China National Unifies College Entrance Examination into this program, cooperating closely tween the two universities in sharing training planning, faculty resources, curriculum, teaching resources, and etc., inviting foreign faculty members to participate in the program, Introducing foreign curriculum, teaching and learning materials, advanced foreign teaching methods, and delivering instruction of core courses all in English.  The cohort students are required to go through intensified English language teaching and learning in the first academic year, in order to lay a solid English language foundation for them to be ready for the follow-up English course teaching and learning. The students with qualified English language proficiency, academic GPA, sufficient number of credits, and etc. will be selected at the beginning of the 6th semester to go to Rider University to continue and complete their rest curriculum studies.  After completing the courses and credits stipulated in the training program and teaching plan, the students who successfully pass the tests and meet the requirements will be awarded the graduation certificate and bachelor's degree certificate of Sanda University and the Bachelor's degree certificate of Rider University in the United States. Both institutions will provide scholarships for outstanding students who meet certain requirements.  On the basis of the Sino-US Cooperative Program, students who have completed their undergraduate studies at Rider and wish to continue their further studies for a Master’s degree, if they meet all the qualification requirements, are eligible to apply for the admission to a Master's program at Rider University, so as to obtain an internship opportunity in the United States and, further on, the opportunity to work for US-China joint venture enterprises or American companies in China after returning their home country.

?  On and Off-campus Practice Platforms

   The Sanda students, during working on their MBA degree at Rider University, have the opportunity to do an internship at American companies for 4 to 6 months, creating valuable opportunities and conditions for them to apply the knowledge and skills learned to the real-life situation, and strengthening their practical ability and employability.  The internship in USA companies tremendously enhances the employability of Sanda students when successfully complete their studies and return to their home country.


Education Achievements

    ? The program was selected and endorsed by the Chinese Ministry of Education as the Third Batch of Nationally Recognized Academic Major Construction Unit with Special Characteristics;


    ? The program was selected and approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as Shanghai Undergraduate Education Highland Construction Project;


    ? The Department of International Economics and Trade, Sanda University, was awarded the Third Prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (Sino-American Cooperation in Training Talented International Business Personnel).;


    ? Sanda University won the Second Prize of Curriculum Construction Practice Teaching Scheme at the National Business Education Practice Teaching Competition (Practice Teaching Plan Design of the Course of Introduction to Industry and Commerce);


    ? The Department was designated as Excellent Courses Construction of “Introduction to Industry and Commerce”, “, Management Accounting”, “Marketing”, “Financial Accounting”, Macroeconomics, “Cross-Cultural Business Communication”, “International Economy”, and “Economics” in Demonstrative English Teaching in Shanghai;


? Employment Status

 The graduates from this program mainly have employment orientations including foreign-funded enterprises, accounting firms, banks, foreign trade companies, logistics companies, consulting companies, and etc., and work for the job posts as an accountant, foreign trade representative, administrator, marketer, operator, service consultant, and etc.;


  The students in the Sino-US Cooperative Program, who have already successfully completed their overseas studies, been conferred with an MBA degree from Rider University and obtained internship experience in American companies and enterprises, which are more popular and welcomed by employers. The Previous internships for the cohort students in the United States include Johnson & Johnson, Bear Stearns, Church Capital Management, GlaxoSmithKline, AIG, Tyco Electronics, Unisys, and etc.


  Some employment units over the years include Some graduates are employed by China Pacific Life Insurance Company Co., Ltd., China Continent Insurance Co., Ltd., Shifu Cci Capital, Ltd , GMAC-SAIC, All Panther Asset Management Ltd. (AP), Eaton Investment Co., Ltd., China Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., Pamir Partners Investment Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, China CITIC Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, DBS Bank (Hong Kong), Ernst & Young International Accounting Firm, LBDP China Shu Lun Pan Certified Public Accountants, LLP, KPMG Certified Public Accountants, and Shanghai  Grant Thornton LLP, and etc.

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