International Economics and Trade is one of the earliest majors that Sanda University enrolled students in. Sanda also became one of the first batch of private institutions of higher education in Shanghai offering International Economics and Trade as an undergraduate major in March, 2002. The International Economics and Trade major was granted by the Chinese Ministry of Education to be among the Third Batch of National Academic Major Construction Unites with Special Features in 2008, and, at the same time, became a Highland Project (education innovation project) for Shanghai Municipal Undergraduate Education.  Sanda University was granted for its major of International Economics and Trade by the Shanghai education authority in 2018 to become a pilot project to experiment on Secondary Vocational – Applied Undergraduate Education Articulation Training Mode (Food Import and Export). The Major was also approved to become an applied undergraduate pilot program for the institutions of higher education under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Municipality. It is also currently the only International Economics and Trade major with a special feature of Food Import and Export.  The Department, in the development of professional studies, the International Economics and Trade major continues to improve the outcome of talented personnel training and the level of degree of achieved goals.

Teaching Objectives

  The Department is devoted to cultivate high caliber, application-oriented, talented economic-and-trade professionals needed by the country,by Shanghai city, and especially by the Yangtze River Delta Region, who have good ideological qualities and a sense of social responsibility to serve the country and the people, achieve overall development morally , intellectually, physically and aesthetically , consciously abide by professional ethics, laws and regulations, and master the basic principles of Marxist economics and modern Western economics , possess relatively solid professional knowledge and skills, strong English application proficiency and extensive knowledge, and obtain the abilities to be engaged in management, actual business practice, research and publicity planning in governmental agencies, enterprises and institutions, and become adaptable to economic globalization and information modernization, and equip themselves with innovative spirit, application ability and international vision.


Core Curriculum

   The Department, through the investigation and research on companies and enterprises and based on the development trend of the industry, has established a curriculum system that adapts to Sanda institution’s orientation for cultivating application-oriented talented students and the adaptability of the training objectives of the International Economics and Trade major to the needs of the society.


 The main courses offered by this Department include Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Finance, Fiscal Science , Econometrics, Statistics, International Economics (bilingual).


   The professional core courses include International Trade, International Trade Practice, Marketing, International Settlement (Bilingual), International Commercial Law, Economic Law.


   There are three major directions:

     ? “Purchasing and Supply Chain Management” direction includes Purchasing and Supply Strategy, Supply Source Search, Contract and Relationship Management in Procurement and Supply, Negotiation and Contract in Procurement and Supply, Organizational Environment of Procurement and Supply, and etc.


    ? “Food Import and Export” direction includes Food Import and Export Trade Rules, Food Import and Export Packaging and Label Design, Food Import and Export Standards and Regulations, International Business Operation Implementation, Food Import and Export Risk Prevention, and etc.


   ? Cross-border E-commerce direction includes Cross-border E-commerce Network Marketing, Introduction to Cross-border E-commerce, Simulation Operation of Cross-border E-commerce, Basic Graphic Photography, Big Data Analysis of Cross-border E-commerce Imports, and etc.



  Teachers and instructional resources are the guarantee for the cultivation of institution’s talented students.  Currently,there are 16 faculty members and teaching staff in the Department for the International Trade major, including 1 full professor, 4 associate professors, 9 lecturers and 2 teaching assistants.  Among all the faculty members and teaching staff, 3 hold doctoral degree, 3 are doctor degree candidates, 8 have overseas study experience, and 6 have working experience in companies and enterprises.  100% of our faculty members and teaching staff hold master’s degree or above. The Department has also hired 5 external full-time professors.


  Department of International Economics and Trade has excellent teaching and learning facilities.  For instance, the Department has an independent International Trade Laboratory. The university invested $85,000 in the first phase of the project to complete the International Business Simulation Training Zone, and invested $264,000 in the second phase of the project to further expand the application of the hardware equipment constructed in the first phase, introducing the integrated management simulation internship platform for imported goods of the Internet of Things, building a relatively complete international business operation system, creating the overall process of international trade, and highlighting the characteristics of the International Economics and Trade major of Sanda University.


Distinctive Features

  The Department, according to the enterprise research and the development trend of the industry, pays good attention to the training of data-business talented personnel, in order to improve the satisfaction of students and employers. It has established three professional courses (a) Procurement and Supply Chain Management, (b) Food Import and Export and (c) Cross Border E-commerce for cultivating  students to obtain data collection ability, data analysis and processing ability, and decision-making ability using data, the English language application ability to be enhanced through bilingual teaching and learning on the basis of mastering the relevant theoretical knowledge and skills of International Economics and Trade, comprehensive application ability and practical ability of students attentively cultivated through professional comprehensive practice, social practice and graduation practice, and the creation and innovation ability and business-data analysis ability obtained through the Second Classroom instructed by the professional faculty members who have rich working experience in enterprises and by participating in various forms of innovation activities and competitions inside and outside the campus.

   There are three main advantages of the major characteristics:

  ? The Department, focusing on the advantages of food import and export professional major direction, and relying on the relevant resources of Guangming Group and Sanda University, can undertake scientific research projects on food import and export standards.

    ? The Department is able to conduct digital trading through

cross-border e-commerce major direction courses and carry out the Enterprise-University-Research activities. At present, the Department of International Economics and Trade has signed off agreements with many companies and enterprises in terms of setting up off-campus practical training base, forming an enterprise-university community, implementing unified internship plans, internship projects and internship assessment indicators.


    ? The Department has the advantages of Sino-foreign cooperation, and has extensive cooperation and exchange relationship with more than 20 universities in countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


? Education Achievements

  ? The major of International Economics and Trade has been selected and awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education as the Characteristic Specialty Construction Project;


  ? The major of International Economics and Trade won Shanghai Municipal Phase III Undergraduate Education Highland Construction Project;


 ? Two faculty members from the Department won the third prize of the 5th Teaching Skills Competition for Teachers Majoring in Economics and Management in Shanghai Higher Vocational Colleges (2016); Won Second Prize of Shanghai Young Teachers Grand Prix (2016); Won Third Prize of Shanghai Young Teachers Grand Prix (2018);

 ? The courses International Trade Theory and Practice, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and International Economics of the Department have been honored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as a key course in Shanghai.


  ? The courses Introduction to Business, Management Accounting, Marketing, Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Cross-cultural Business Communication, International Economics and Economics of this Department have been honored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as Shanghai Exemplary All-English Teaching Curriculum Construction;


 Professional Certificates Recommended

   The students from this Department could obtain Skill Certificates, such as Procurement and Supply Management Professional Qualification Certificate (CIPS), Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC), and etc.

  Employment Status

Employment orientation:

 The targeted employment orientations include International economic and trade enterprises, multinational companies, international financial institutions, government departments, and etc. for the job positions in the fields of foreign trade business, management, marketing, operation, service consulting, and etc.

Some employment units over the years:

  Some employment units over the years include Shanghai Ephon Import & Export Co., Ltd., Orient Overseas Container Logistics (China) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Longfei Trading Co., Ltd., Asia Pacific Cargo Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Co., Ltd., (Shanghai Branch), OCBC Bank (China) Co., Ltd.,  Guangdong Zhujiang Pawn Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinpeng Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd., Shanghai Red Star Macaline Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and the People's Government of Zhuanqiao Township, Minhang District, Shanghai, and etc.

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