Asia International Friendship College, Indonesia established in 2008, is a higher education institution endorsed and approved by Indonesian Ministry of Education to deliver its academic instruction in Chinese and English and sponsored by Association of Masyarakat China Utara Charity and Education and managed by Indonesian Northern National Education Foundation.

The academic field in Chinese at Asia International Friendship College requires a schooling of 4 years or 8 semesters, covering roughly 2700-2800 classroom hours to obtain 150 credits, including graduation thesis and internship in order to get a Bachelor’s degree. The field offers three orientations of Chinese or Normal Education, Chinese for Business and Chinese for Tourism. The aim of the field is to nurture professional personnel of high caliber equipped not only with solid foundation of Chinese language but also communicative competence for their future career of teaching, business trade and tourism management.

The international cooperation between Sanda and Asia International Friendship College is focused on jointly nurturing talented personnel in international Chinese teaching and research.

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