Visual Communication Design is a line of study of design expressed to the audience through visual media presentation and communication.  It is not only reflected in the field of traditional paper media graphic design, but also embodies the characteristics of the times and rich connotations of design.  It will gradually develop into an entirely new field of study closely related, collaborating and intersecting with other media, with the development of science and technology and the advancement of new material application. The contents of this field include

Brand Image Design, UI Design (user interface design), Web Design, Advertising Design, Book System Design, Dynamic Display Design, Layout Design, Font Design, Visual Symbol Design and Expression, User Research and Information Design, and etc.

The Department focuses on cultivating students' abilities of sharp perception and creativity of visual elements such as graphics, colors, and written words, training students to use visual elements for comprehensive expression of graphic design, highlighting the application of multimedia technology in visual design, and emphasizing the integration of technology and visual design. It has a clear training target of cultivating high caliber application-oriented talented personnel for small and medium-sized enterprises, establishing the Five-in-One ability-oriented, relatively more complete curriculum system and teaching quality assurance system, setting up long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many platform companies, and carrying out in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises in practical teaching, professional internship, textbook construction, project application and research, and achieving very good results.

The Department has an excellent faculty team composed of professors and master teachers leading the teaching and development of the lines of study.  Now there is in the Department now a total number of 16 members including 5 professors hired from off-campus institutions of higher learning, 2 associate professors, 4 lecturers, 4 teaching assistants, and 1 lab manager.  All full-time faculty have the qualification of a Master's Degree or the higher, 6 teachers have either study-abroad background or/both overseas visiting experience, and 6 teachers have more than 8 years of industry experience, forming a teaching staff with a reasonable age structure and in a pioneering and pragmatic style.

The faculty and staff members of this Department, in recent years, was entrusted by the Shanghai Municipal Government to successfully set up a Shanghai Excellent Course and 2 Shanghai Key Courses, undertake Sanda key education reform projects and more than 10 scientific research programs, edit and publish 6 textbooks and more than 20 academic papers, win the Shanghai Yucai Award and a number of national professional competitions Outstanding Instructor Award and encourage and guide students to win more than 200 High-level Design Awards


Training Objective

   The training objective of this Department is to cultivate high caliber, application-oriented and specialized talented personnel who are equipped with global perspectives, master more solid basic professional theory and skills, possess stronger abilities of aesthetics, design expression, innovation, actual project execution, and have higher professional quality, to satisfy the needs of Shanghai Municipality and greater Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Region such as being engaged in the professional fields of Visual Communication Design, Brand Image Promotion, Packaging Design, Advertising Planning and Design, and Interface Design.


Student Training Mode

    The Department has established the Five-in-One ability-oriented training mode for cultivating talented personnel, including the basic professional curriculum teaching based on the cultivation of innovative thinking, the professional core curriculum teaching based on cooperative projects of academic institution with enterprise, the workshop subject teaching based on international program cooperation, the practical teaching and learning based on the combination between workshop training and double-qualified faculty team teaching, and the professional and comprehensive design teaching based on the multi-disciplinary integration of the concept of “I Combination of Ideological Education with Teaching, and attaching value to the design.” 


Main Courses

The main courses offered by the Department include Basic Design I, II, III, Graphic Creation and Dynamic Expression, Font Design, Computer-aided Design, Printing Technics, Photography and Design, Web Front-end Programing, Packaging Design, Graphic Design for advertising, Digital Media Advertising, Brand Image Design, User Interface Design, Book System Design, User Research and Information Design, Dynamic Display Design, Comprehensive Design, and etc.


Professional core courses

Professional core courses include Brand Image Design, Packaging Design I (structure and materials), Packaging Design II (series and dynamics), Graphic Design for advertising, Digital Media Advertising, User Interface Design I (interaction and icons), and User Interface Design II (mobile and PC).


Social Practice

     Social practice activities include Outdoor Sketching, Professional Practice, Graduation Design, and Graduation Internship;


Degree to be Conferred

      Bachelor's degree in Arts, a degree for undergraduate studies with a schooling of 4 years.


The Certificate to be Granted

The Skill Certificates to be awarded include Adobe China Certified Designer (three professional application directions of Creative Design, Film and Television Post-design and Network Design), Adobe Certified Products Expert, Graphic Designer Qualification, and etc.


Employment Rate for Graduating Students

The employment rates of the graduating students of this Department for the past 3 years are 96.5%, 100%, and 98.5%;


Employment destination

The Department is determined to make devoted effort in cultivating high caliber personnel to satisfy the demand by the job market such as visual designer working for enterprises and institutions in Shanghai City proper and the greater Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Region to be mainly engaged in Advertising Design, Packaging Design, Brand Image Design, Web Design, UI Design, Video Editing and other related work. 

     Some of them become engaged in art education work in primary, secondary and early childhood schools; some seek to do further studies for a Master’s Degree in Art at the Top 10 institutions of higher art education in the world; some go for a Master’s degree in domestic well-known institutions of higher education, and some become self-employed entrepreneurs.


Some employment units over the years

   Some employment units over the years include 51 Jobs ((NASDAQ:JOBS),,, Jingdong Mall,, Shanghai Yongle Advertising Company, Shanghai Touch Media Co. Ltd., Shanghai Yixijia Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Shanghai Zhengda Himalayas Network Technology Co. Ltd., London Art University, London University, and etc.


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