The institution, with a long history, was initiated by two schools, Dunedin Technical School established in 1889 and Art School established in 1870, and has nurtured large number of high-quality and talented graduates.

Otago Polytechnic offers large range of internationally recogni Otago Polytechnic, situated in beautiful Dunedin City, Central Otago District, Southern Island of New Zealand, is an institution of higher learning fully funded by the government.

zed undergraduate, post-secondary and graduate academic and professional programs including Design, Nursing, Health Research, Visual Arts and Crafts, Information Technology, Information Services and others, which enjoy being top ranked in the nation.

The faculty members working for the institution are all qualified local professionals, very familiar with advanced science and technology, devoted in scientific research and capable of providing needed guidance and support to the students.

The international cooperation between Sanda and Otago Polytechnic is mainly focused on Master degree program for students and exchange program for faculty members.

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