Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, established in 1971, is an institution of higher learning specialized in applied science and technology.There are four colleges under the university which are Building Art-Construction Engineering-Geography, Information Science and Engineering, Economy and Law, and Sociology and Health Science, conferring undergraduate and graduate degrees and offering courses including Nursing, Health Promotion and Medical Management, Health Organization Management, Building Art, Barrier-Free system, Building Engineering, Vocational Training and Management Consulting, Consultation and Social Law, Enterprise Economics, Bioprocessing Technology, Business Development, Economic Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Geographic Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering Informatics, Infrastructure Management, International Finance, Leadership, Air Transportation Management, Machinery Manufacturing, Materials and Products Production, Electromechanical Integration and Micro-System, Music Theory, Production and Automation Technology, Public Administration, Social Welfare Work, Strategic Information Management, Agreement Negotiation and Formulation, Economic Engineering, Economic Law, Energy and Environment Engineering and others.The lines of study of Social Welfare, Enterprise Economics, Architecture and Engineering are among the most popular ones.

The international cooperation between Sanda and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences mainly focuses on students’ dual-degree and faculty exchange programs.

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