The Department started to enroll students in 1992 for the major of Accounting, one of the earliest academic fields offered by Sanda University. The Department, after years of construction and development, was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to matriculate students in the major of Accounting for undergraduate studies in 2002 and authorized the university to confer a Bachelor’s degree in 2006.  The characteristics of the students in this major are equipped with solid foundation of professional theories, broad scope of knowledge and strong application ability.


? Teaching Objectives


  The training objective of the Department in terms of major is to cultivate high caliber, application-oriented, multidisciplinary and practical talented personnel required for accounting management and decision-making in the context of internationalization and big data, encouraging students to grow up into the targeted professionals who are capable of making insight support, strategic decision, operational efficiency improvement, and promotion of enterprise development. The Department, for its talented professional training plan, fully implements the concept of seeking characteristics with innovation and seeking development with characteristics, and uses this as a guide in cultivating talented students. The students, after 4 years vigorous learning, will master solid professional basic theories and related knowledge, possess proficient accounting practice ability, professional English application ability, the ability to use big data technology to carry out company data analysis and auditing, fully understand accounting regulations and prevailing international accounting practices, and become the talented professionals as planned.


  The junior students in this major could, based on their personal interests and career plans, select from the elective courses of Enterprise Accounting, International Accounting and Artificial Intelligence Accounting as their major directions.


? Core Curriculum

  The main courses offered by this major include  Economics, Management, Statistics, Economic Law, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting (bilingual), Financial Management, Auditing, Accounting Practice, Computerized Accounting, Tax Law, Company Financial Analysis (bilingual), International Accounting (bilingual), Accounting Data Mining and Accounting Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Shared Service, etc.;


? Degree to be Conferred

  Bachelor of Management


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