Name:Chen Jian



Degree Obtained: Master of Arts

Institution Graduated from:College of Arts, Qinghua University, China;


Major Education Experience:

Obtained a Master’s Degree of Arts from College of Arts, Qinghua University,China in 1991;

Assumed the position of Deputy Dean, College of Garment Arts, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University;

Assumed the position of Deputy Dean, College of Art Design, Shanghai Tongji University;

Assumed the position of Chairman of Faculty & Staff Union, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shanghai Tongji University;

Professor, College of Design and Innovation, Shanghai Tongji University; 

Instructor for doctoral students

Specially Invited Adjunct Distinguished Professor, conducting art teaching Job position qualification training for Shanghai institutions of higher learning in arts;

Specially Invited Distinguished Professor, China Training Department,

B & Q of the United Kingdom;

Visiting ProfessorShanghai Jiao Tong University;

Off-campus Member, Academic Committee of Art Design, East China Normal University;


Representative Works:

 Designed work “Summer Rain”, won Excellence Award at the German Leipzig International Exposition;

“Bath”, won Honorable Mention for the First Textile Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in China;

Led and completed a number of visual and environmental design projects such as “Environmental Image Design for Hangzhou Youth Compassion and Love Experience Education Base .


Research Achievements:

Master Course “Study of Design”, Won 2005 Shanghai Excellent Course Award;

Master Course “Study of Visual Form Creation”. Won 2006 Shanghai Excellent Course Award;



Having published more than 40 textbooks and papers by national presses and national key journals, including“Introduction to Art Design” and “Installation Art in Environmental Design.”


Name: Wang Ye

Position: Deputy Dean

Date of Birth: August, 1972

Tittle: Associate Professor

Degree Earned: Master’s Degree in Architecture 

Institution Graduated from: Xi’an University of Architecture Technology

Courses Taught: series courses of Landscape Design, Commercial Architectural Space Design, Small Architecture Design, and History of Chinese and Foreign Architecture


Education Experience:

1997-2004 A faculty member teaching for Department of Architecture, Northwestern Polytechnic University;

2002-2003 Visiting Scholar, Institute of Urban Design, University of Stuttgart, Germany;

2005-Present Teaching for College of Art and Design; used to be Deputy Head of Department of Art Design, Assistant Dean of the School of Humanities, Head of Department of Art Design, Shanghai Sanda University.


Research Achievements:

Presided over the completion of one municipal key undergraduate teaching reform project and one municipal excellent course, and won one excellent municipal textbook award.

Led and completed 4 scientific research and innovation projects entrusted by Shanghai Education Commission and 1 Shanghai Education Commission scientific research project and 1 Sanda University scientific research project.


Published Works

Published 11 papers in Chinese core journals and at international conferences.

Edited and published “Appreciation of Chinese and Foreign Architecture”, and “Introduction to Environmental Art Design” (1st and 2nd editions);

NameWan Xuan

PositionDeputy Dean and Head of the Department of Visual Communication

Tittle: Associate Professor 

Professional Direction: Visual Communication Design


Courses Taught:

The courses taught include Packaging Design, UI Design (User Interface Design), Comprehensive Design, Graphic Creativity, and Dynamic Expression.


Main Experience:

March, 2006 - Graduated from College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Conferred with a Master of Arts in Design.

August, 2006 - Took a teaching position for the line of study of Visual Communication, Shanghai Sanda University.


Achievements in Scientific Research:

Presided over the 2017 Shanghai Excellent Course “Packaging Design”;

Presided over the 2015 Sanda University Key Course “Interface Innovation Design”;

Participated in the 2016 university-level major connotation project Research on the Cultivation Mode of Application-oriented Talented Personnel in Design Majors based on Whole-process Practice Concept;

Presided over the scientific research project for key teachers of private institutions of higher learning in Shanghai in 2011 entitled “On the Cultivation and Training of Original Thinking in Visual Communication Design Education;

Presided over the research and innovation project of Shanghai Education Commission in 2009, Study on Visual Design Culture of Urban Street Landscape;

Presided over the 2017 university-level education Reform project Undergraduate Teaching Reform and Practice of Visual Communication Design Driven by School-Enterprise Project Cooperation;


Published Works:

There are 11 published papers including 3 Beijing University core publications, and 2 CPCI Indexes. Some of the papers are as the following:

July, 2010 - On the Ecological Teaching of Packaging Design Course “Everyone”, independent author;

May,2011 - Reflections on Artistic Teaching of Advertising Design Courses Everyone, independent author;

September 2015 - On the Visual Communication Design Educational Innovation Under the Internet Environment , independent author;

September, 2017 - Research of Visual Communication Design Education Study on the Basis of Field Innovation Strategy, independent author;

September, 2014 - “Design Composition” (Second Edition), China Electric Power Publishing House, chief editor;

October, 2008 - “Design Composition”, China Electric Power Publishing Housethe seventh printing, chief editor;


Awards Obtained:

2008   Special Prize of Teaching Achievement Award of Shanghai Shanda University (the third accomplisher);

2009   First prize of art education research paper awarded by Shanghai Education Commission; 

2010   Outstanding Employee Award of Shanghai Sanda University; 

2011   Excellence Award of the Special Funding Project of Shanghai Education Commission for Outstanding Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities; 

2012   China's International Packaging and Printing Creative Education Outstanding Contribution Workers; 

2012   Third Prize for Excellent Paper at China International Packaging and Printing Creative Contest

2012   Special Prize for Teaching Achievement of Shanghai Shanda University (the third accomplisher)

2013   Tiny Public Welfare, Dream Sailing, Excellent Instructor Award of the First Shanghai College Students' Public Service Advertising Competition;

2014    The First Prize of Aesthetic Education Research Achievements at the 7th National Aesthetic Education Achievement Exhibition; 2014    Outstanding Instructor Award at the 7th National Aesthetic Education Achievement Exhibition; 

2015   Outstanding Advisor Award at the first Graduation Design Competition of The Chinese College Students Advertising Art Festival

2016   Autumn of Sunda, 2016 Outstanding Advisor Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Achievements 

2016   Tiny Public Welfare, Truth in Heart, Outstanding Instructor Award at the Third Shanghai College Students Public Service Advertising Contest; 

2017   The Second Huichuang Youth, -- Visual Communication Design Group Excellent Instructor Award of Shanghai College Students Cultural And Creative Works Exhibition

2017   Outstanding Advisor Award of National College Students Master Designer Contest;

In addition, I have guided my students to win more than 100 visual design awards in domestic and international design competitions, such as Golden Calf Award, Academy Award, Kan Tai-Keung Design Award, Master Award, Future Star, Platinum Creative Award, Dongdao Cup, Milan Design Week Exhibition, cross-strait Literary Design Exhibition, and etc.

Name: Chen Lixin

Position: Deputy Dean and Head of the Department of Network and New Media


Professional Direction: Journalism and Communication 

Institution Graduated from: College of Graduate Studies, Tokyo University, Ph.D. Degree;


Name:Pi Fengyign 

Position: Party Secretary   

Degree Earned: Master’s Degree 

Title: Intermediate Psychological Counselor for Shanghai Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning

          The Third-level Consultant of Shanghai innovation and Entrepreneurship education

Name: Zhou Qingfen

Position: Deputy Party Secretary

Degree Earned: Master of Arts

Institution Graduated from: College of Business, Administration in Business Communication, Rider University in USA 


Main Education Experience:

Sep, 2011---Dec, 2014 - Director, and Deputy Director, Office of University Party and Administration Affairs

                                 Reporter at the Editorial Department of University Newspaper

                                 Director of News Center, University Party Committee Publicity Department;

                                 Secretary of Collegiate-level Youth League Committee 


Dec, 2014 --- Sep, 2019 - Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee, and Secretary General of Student Union


Honors and Certificates:

Jan,2010 - Outstanding Shanghai Graduating Student

Feb, 2016 - Shanghai City May 4th Youth Medal

Mar, 2015 - Outstanding Instructor of Shanghai Annual College Students Summer Social Practice

Apr, 2016 --- 2017 - Excellent Instructor of Shanghai College Students' Original Music Competition

May, 2017 - Excellent Faculty and Staff of Shanghai Sanda University


Published Works:

1. ” Comparison of Network Crisis Management between Chinese and American Universities”, in English  

2. “Study on the Corporate Culture of Starbucks”, in English 

Name: Li Lin

Position: Assistant to the Dean

Tittle: Lecturer

Professional Direction: Journalism 

Degree Earned: Master Degree

Institution Graduated from: Wuhan University


Name: Zhang Yuheng

Position: Assistant to the Dean

Tittle: Lecturer

Professional Direction: Fashion Marketing and Sales, Fashion and Technology

Institution Graduated from: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Name: Huang Zhenbin

Position: Director of Dean’s Office

Tittle: Experiment Technician

Professional Direction: Visual Communication

Courses Taught: Film and Television Advertise Packaging (CINEMA 4D)

Main Education Experience:

2008-2012 Department of Visual Communication, Shanghai Sanda University, (Undergraduate)

2014-2017 Department of Comprehensive Art Design, East China University. (Master’s Degree)


Research Achievements:

Participated in Shanghai Outstanding Young Teachers Training Subsidy Plan for Colleges and Universities in 2014 (accomplished).

Published Works:


(1) “A tentative Analysis of the Implementation Mode and Development Prospect of Art Education in Private Colleges and Universities“ [J]. Drama Home, 2017(17):192. 

(2) “On Chinese Style Characteristics of Modernized Shanghai Style Design” [J]. Art Evaluation 2017,(13):155-156 

(3) “A Brief Analysis of the Role and Development of Art in the realization of the Chinese dream [J].  Art and Technology 2016, 29(05):430

(4) “Discussion on Curriculum Construction of Computer-aided Design for Visual Communication Majors in Colleges and Universities” [J].  Art Appreciation, 2016, (12). 

(5) “Innovation and Expression of Visual Symbols as Chinese Traditional Elements in Modern Design” [J].  Art Appreciation, 2016, (11).


Textbooks and Teaching Materials:

Participated in the editing of Teaching Materials in Art Design Planning for National Colleges and Universities -- Font and Logo Design

Name: Fan Lingyan 

Date of Birth: August, 1982

Position: Head of Department of Environmental Design

Tittle: Associate Professor 

Institution Graduated from: Shanghai University 

Professional Direction: Environmental Design

Course Taught: Interior Design of Residential Buildings, Interior Design of Commercial Buildings, Interior Design of Office Buildings,Project Thematic Design, Design Thinking and Expression, and etc.


Main Experience:

2008 Won the title of National Outstanding Teacher Art Education of National Private Institution of Higher Learning;

2011 Won the Excellent Instructor Award at the 4th National Art Works Competition of Private Institution of Higher Learning;

2012 Won the Outstanding Instructor Award in the 5th National Art Works Competition of private schools;

2013 Excellent Educator of Shanghai Sanda University;

2013 Won Best Instructor Award at Chinese Architecture and Art Young Designer Award Competition;

2014 Excellent Instructor Award of the First European Cup Shanghai College Students Interior Design Competition;

2015 Outstanding Organization Teacher Award and Outstanding Advisor Award at the 7th National Aesthetic Education Achievement Exhibition;

Best Instructor Award of the Fifth “Made in China” National Environmental Art Design Biennale.

2016 Autumn of Sanda Annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Achievement Excellent Mentor Award 

Trendzone Cup Excellent Institutional Organizer Award of the 8th Shanghai College Students Creative Design Competition; 

CIID2016 Tutor Award of New Person Cup National Interior Design Competition for College Student;. 


Research Achievements:

2008 “Interior Design Principles“, Second Author, China Electric Power Press;

2008 “Display Design”, the Fourth Author, China Electric Power Press;

2008 “Design of Preface Hall -- Research on Environmental Art of Museum   Entrance Space”, Outstanding Youth Project of Shanghai Education Commission, Project Leader;

2010 Teaching university-level key course Interior Design 1 (Residential Space), course leader; 

2011 “Application and Research of Public Art in Campus Environmental Design”, Key teacher research project of Shanghai Private Institutions of Higher Learning, Project Leader.

2013 Presentation Techniques of Hand Drawn Renderings , a municipal quality course, Chief Lecturer;

2015 Residential Building Interior Design, municipal key course, Course Leader;

         “Research on the Practical Teaching System of Integration- Interdisciplinary-Open Application-oriented Undergraduate Study in Environmental Design”, a Shanghai key undergraduate education reform project,Principal Participant;

2016 Research on The Training Mode of Application-oriented Talents for Design Majors Based on the Concept of Whole-process Practice, university-level major connotation project, Main Participant.

         “Landscape Design”, a city-level quality course, Chief Lecturer;

 2017 Office Building Interior Design, university key course,Course Leader;

Published Works:

Textbooks and Teaching Materials:

2016 “Principles of Interior Design”, Second Author, China Electric Power Press;

Dissertation Published:

Dialogue between Interior Design Language and Mind”, independent author, Art Appreciation, 2017/08;

On the Relationship between Interior Design and Architectural Design, independent author, Housing and Real Estate, 2017/06; 

“On the Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Culture in Modern Interior Design”, independent author, Research on Educational Development, 2017/09;

“Course Teaching Construction of Interior Design Based on School-enterprise Cooperation”, independent author, Curriculum Education Research, 2017/11;

“Study on the Interior Design of Teahouses Based on Black Tea Cultural Elements”, independent author, Fujian Tea, 2017/11.

Name: Xu Wenjuan

Date of Birth: October, 1982

Tittle: Associate Professor

Position: Head of Department of Product and Digital Design

Degree Earned: Ph.D.

Institution Graduated from: Shanghai Tongji University


Courses Taught:

The courses taught include Display Design, Packaging Design, Product Design, Design Composition, and etc.  


Research Achievements:

The research achievements include:

The Completion of the Outstanding Youth Project entitled Rational Design Analysis of Visual Guidance in Urban Public Space;

The Completion of the private university project entitled Inherit and Develop Ceramic Products in Intangible Cultural Heritage with Design as the Carrier;

Published textbooks of “Package Design”, “Budget Techniques for Interior Decoration Projects”, and “Model Design and Production”;

Participated in and presided over the key courses such as “Rendering Skills”, “Model Design and Production”, and “Display Design”;

Published Papers such as Inheriting and Developing intangible Cultural Heritage with Design as Carrier, Application of ABS Board in Product Model, Space Guidance System - The Core of Sign System and Relationship between Sign Guidance System and Urban Public Space;

Engaged in the projects such as the Identification System of Shanghai Zhengda Himalaya Center, the Identification System of Wuxi Xishuidong City Complex, the Identification System of Wuxi Baile; and the Identification System of Wuxi World Hotel, and etc.

Name: Qiu Lin

Date and Place of Birth: 1979 in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

Position: Deputy Head of Department of Product and Digital Design

Tittle: Associate Professor

Professional Direction: Product Design (Digital Design Major) 


Courses Taught:  

The course taught include “Advertising Photography and Digital Post Processing”, “Digital Photography and Video Technology”, “Film and Television Shooting Script Design”, “Production of Digital Film and Television Products”, “Foundation of Script Creation”, and “Basic Animation Technique”.


Main Experience:

2002 - Graduated from School of Arts in Art Education, Jiangsu University;  

2008 - Graduated from School of Arts in Art Education, Jiangsu University, Master of Arts, with professional direction of Decorative Art Design and Theoretical Research;

2008 - present Working for the College of Arts and Design, Shanghai Sanda University as a full-time faculty, Professional Leader in Product Design (Digital Design Major);


Research Achievements:

Jan, 2018 - Third Prize in the 2018 Young Teachers Teaching Competition of  Shanghai Shanda University; 

Jan, 2017 - The Second  Innovation Convergence Youth Shanghai College Students Cultural Creative Works Outstanding Instructor;

2016 - Responsible for the project of university-level key course “Photography for Advertising and Digital Post-processing”, Project Leader;

2016 - "Frame Photography Studio" won the Excellent Project Award of 2016 Annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan of "Sanda Autumn"; 

2014 - The third prize of the “First Young Teachers' Teaching Ability Competition for Applied Undergraduate Students in Shanghai;

2010 - The Key course project of The Municipal Education Commission in 1999: “Techniques of Hand-Drawing Effect”

2009 - Shanghai Outstanding Youth Project leader



Published Works:

“Cultural Interpretation of Digital Technology in New Media Art”, published in Art Education in June 2018;

“The Meaning of Photography”, published in Global Market Information Leader in September 2017;

“Meaningful Reality -- On Photography in the Digital Age”, published in Mirabilis in August 2016; 

“Opinions on The Teaching of Art Design for Application-oriented Undergraduate Students”, published in April 2016, in the “Collection of the First Shanghai Applied Undergraduate Young Teachers' Teaching Ability Competition”;

Study of the Status Quo of China's Animation Industry through the Perspective of Animation Products, published in Culture Monthly in November 2009.

Name: Li Li

Position: Head of Department pf Journalism

Tittle: Professor

Degree Earned: Ph.D.

Professional Direction: Mainly engaged in drama and film directing, performance research and other fields of research and teaching;

Institution Graduated from: Shanghai Theater Academy


Main Research Achievements:

Main Research Achievements include:

Undertaking the lecturing of “Radio and Television studies“,a key course designated by Shanghai Municipal Government,  Keynote Speaker;

Undertaking the teaching of university key courses Documentary Creation, and Creation of Micro Films, keynote lecturer;

Undertaking a key project of Shanghai Municipal Scientific Innovation “The Research on the Performance of Press Spokesperson in Public Emergency”, (Completed);

Undertaking an institutional innovation project “Research on the Performance of Campus Micro Films” (Completed);

Having published several dozens of papers and dissertations in the academic magazines such as “Media Observation”, “News Lover”, and “Shanghai Drama” and etc.

Published personal monograph  Modern Adaptation of Traditional Rituals , (Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House, 2011), Independent Author;

Translation of History of Hollywood Film, (Fudan University Press, 2018), Independent translator;

Compilation of the teaching material Radio and Television Studies, Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore Publishing House, 2013;

Compilation of “Micro Film Theory and Creation” Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore Publishing House, 2018;

Name: Dai Jingyu

Position: Head of Department of Garment and Clothing Design

Title: Associate Professor

Professional Direction: Technology and Fashion, and Integral Modeling Design

Degrees Earned:  Master’s Degree, and Ph.D. Degree

Institution Graduated from: College of Clothing andTextile Products, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; College of International Tourism, Macau City University (Luxury Marketing Major)


Name: Fei Wenli

Position: Head of Department of Garment Design Engineering

Tittle: Associate Professor

Professional Direction: Fashion Communication

Institution Graduated from: Monash University, Australia


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