The Department of Chinese Language International Education makes devoted effort in cultivating high-caliber, application-oriented and versatile personnel equipped with international perspectives, strong Chinese language knowledge and skills, and a deep understanding of Chinese culture. Its goal, to be more specific, is to nurture high-caliber talented personnel to be teachers of Chinese language or school administrators working for foreign primary and middle schools and teachers of Chinese and English Language for domestic institutions of learning, as well as high-caliber, application-oriented and specialized personnel for enterprises and institutions as office clerk or personnel engaged in foreign trade.


    The graduates of this School should equipped themselves with the following two aspects of knowledge and abilities:


    · Professional abilities mastered including knowledge and skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, rhetoric, characters, and etc. of Ancient Chinese and Modern Chinese, as well as the basic knowledge and skills in Ancient Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature, and Foreign Literature. They should also fully understand the nature and characteristics of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, as well as the basic theories and methods of the pedagogy genre in teaching Chinese as a second language, possess good oral expression and writing abilities of Chinese, hold a qualification level of Mandarin at the 2nd National Level A, and are equipped with the talented skills such as Recitation, Folk songs, Shadow Boxing (Tai Chi), Chinese Brush Painting, Paper Cutting, and etc., so that they can comprehensively use the knowledge learned from the School to carry out work assignments related to languages, International Promotion of Chinese Language, and those related to foreign countries.


    · The Cross-cultural communicative competence required by the School for its graduates includes possessing better proficiency and fluency in the English Language, basically reaching the University English Proficiency Level 6, and expectantly passing the English Professional Testing Level CET-4 or CET-8, good understanding of the cultural characteristics of different countries and regions, and having strong cross-cultural communication skills, Mastering the basic knowledge and ability to handle foreign-related secretarial work, practical writing and certain ability in exhibition planning, and the adaptability to meet the needs of foreign-related business activities such as foreign trade, consulting, exhibition, and tourism.



Core Courses

The main professional care courses of the School include the knowledge of the Chinese language, Theories and Skills of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Case Studies of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in Class, Theories and Skills of Cross-cultural Language Communication, Practical Writing, and General Psychology, strengthening the teaching, training and learning of students’ ability in mastering professional foreign languages.



Skill Certificate to be Obtained

The Skill certificates which can be obtained include National Vocational Chinese Language Proficiency Test (Advanced), International Teacher of Chinese Language certificate, CET-4 (for English majors), CET-8 (for English majors), Qualification Test for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, and Secretarial Clerk Qualification Test.



Employment Prospects

The students of this School will go through three stages of professional studies of Apprenticeship, Research-related Apprenticeship, and Internship to help students to enable themselves to combine professional theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enhance their employment competitiveness.

The student's perspective employment opportunities include teachers of international education of Chinese language working for education institutions and management organizations related to international education of Chinese language education and bilingual education at primary and secondary schools, administrators of teaching management, overseas volunteer, primary and secondary school teachers of Chinese and English, Secretarial Clerk dealing with foreign countries, administrative assistant, personnel assistant, customer service specialist, exhibition receptionist, foreign affairs receptionist, and etc.


Group photo of the Chinese and international students, taken

at the Department of Chinese International Education

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