The Russian Department of Shanghai Sanda University was established in 2017, and has a crack team of teachers with rich research and teaching experience. The faculty consists of 6 in-service teachers (2 Russian teachers), including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 2 lecturers. Most of them have overseas experiences and all the faculty members have obtained doctor’ degrees from famous Chinese or overseas universities.


The Department is committed to cultivating specialized talents with high morality who can engage in Russian-related work in foreign affairs institutions, foreign trade companies, foreign-related enterprises, and educational and cultural institutions. Our graduates mainly work in management, exports, translation and interpretation, tour-guiding etc. in areas of foreign trade, tourism, foreign affairs, exhibition, culture, journalism and publishing.


It’s only when the students have attained certain language ability and educational level that they can meet the needs of employers and enjoy competitive advantages in the labor market. Therefore, we are focused on training their basic Russian language abilities, emphasizing interpretation and cultural communication. Meanwhile, we have actively conducted extra-curricular activities (the so-called “Second Classroom”) to nurture students’ interests in the Russian language and the cultures of the Russian-speaking countries and to enrich their after-class lives.


Our department is a member of the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Russian Language to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education. Our students have attended tests for Russian majors at the national college level and achieved good results. At the same time we offer courses in business administration, business secretarial work, marketing and foreign trade. In addition, we require that our Russian majors minor in English and that they pass CET4 and CET6. We aim at cultivating the overall abilities of our students and that they can put into practice what they learn and possess international vision.


We have actively conducted international academic exchange and cooperation. So far we’ve received many visitors from Russian universities, and have set up cooperative relationships with some of them, including Moscow City University. Every year we select and sent our students to study abroad.


Our academic administration is strict, and our academic atmosphere is pure and upright. We are striving to develop our Russian Department into one with distinct characteristics.


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