The students of this Department will mainly study fundamental theory, knowledge and skills of Pedagogy and pre-school education, receive basic training of education technology and skills, to develop the basic abilities of being engaged in conducting childcare, education and research at child care schools and centers.

Education Objective

The education objective of this department is to cultivate high-quality teachers with the faith and responsibility in pre-school education, knowledge and ability to engage in pre-school education, personal and practical experience of kindergarten education, satisfy the basic requirements for a qualified kindergarten teacher, and obtain the competence for the job post of a kindergarten teacher.


Core Courses

The core courses of this line of study include Education (emphasis on Preschool Education), Child Psychology, Preschool Child Care, History of Chinese and Foreign Education Thought, Educational Research Methods, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Kindergarten Class Management, Language Education for Preschool Children, Health Education for Preschool Children, Mathematics Education for Preschool Children, Social Education for Preschool Children, Music Education for Preschool Children, Water Education for Preschool Children, preschool children's Science Education for Preschool Children, music, dance, art, piano, and etc.

The certification to be obtained for qualified students:  Pre-school Teacher Qualification Certification.

Employment Prospects

The Department attaches great importance to the practical training and hands-on experience in developing pre-school education skills, integrating the study of the pedagogical theory courses, professional activities, and apprenticeship or internship practice into the entire curriculum system.  It is determined to cultivate high quality talented teachers and personnel of pre-school education who have a strong sense of identity with the teaching occupation in pre-school education, establish strong confidence in learning the profession well, set up correct concept and few of children and education, and enhance the competitiveness and applicability of student employment develop various technical skills and capabilities to enhance the students’ competitiveness in employment. The graduates of this Department will be expected to work in the pre-school education and the related teaching and research positions such as kindergarten teachers, staff members in nursery or day-care centers or facilities, social pre-school education organizations, and etc. 

Young teacher of pre-school education and his kid students 

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