• Training Objective

    The Department is devoted to cultivate high-caliber, application-oriented, advanced professional and talented personnel who possess sufficient basic knowledge and professional skills of mechatronics engineering and the capabilities to engage in the design, manufacture, control development, application research and production management of professional products of mechatronics in the production line.  


  • Knowledge and Skills to be Obtained by Graduates

    The Department places great emphasis to the integration of students’ mechanical hands-on ability and electromechanical control ability, focusing on electromechanical control and CNC maintenance. It is determined to cultivate talented graduates who have better capability of designing, programing, operating, debugging, and maintenance of CNC machine in terms of knowledge and skills, focusing on various capabilities required for CNC, and highlighting the professional core position of electromechanical control.

  • Students’ Employment Prospects

    The Department offers the qualified students with certificate of Mechatronic Engineer who will be able to undertake the work posts in machinery and equipment manufacturing, electrical engineering, and electronic industries, as well as those job posts need to use technologies such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing, automation, robotics, micro and precision instrument, printing and media, audio and video, and medicine. Mechatronics is widely used in, for example, induction robots, automatic control machine tools, medical micro-devices and transmission mechanisms of modern cars.


    Mechatronics engineers are also able to undertake the work posts responsible for innovation, design, assembly, manufacturing, production and debugging, as well as system planning, scheme design, preliminary work, quality control, sales, customer service, training execution, consulting, after-sales service, and other responsibilities.


  • The Employment Positions for Sanda Graduates

    Mechanical Engineer, Technician, Intelligent Equipment Project developer, Industrial Robot Controller, etc.

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