The Department of law of Shengxiang School of Business, Sanda University has been recruiting undergraduate students for its law major since 2005. At present, the Department, guided by the needs of commercial law talented personnel, following the development objectives set by the Shanghai Municipal Government as being innovation-driven and transformation-oriented, is determined to cultivate application-oriented legal talented personnel with professional Legal competence and data literacy.

  In the course of law major construction, the Department pays special attention to improving the quality of talented personnel training and the degree of achievement of training objectives. It also, based on the objective of satisfying the needs of enterprises, companies and commercial law professions, highlights the cooperation between education institution and enterprise and the integration of education with production, as well as strengthens practical teaching and learning.


Training Objectives

  The Department is devoted to cultivating versatile, professional, innovative, application-oriented, and talented law professionals who pay great attention to moral education and nurturing ethics and law at the same time, adapt to the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, understand the actual needs of building a socialist country under the rule of law, aim to serve Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region, train themselves to be personnel with both ability and integrity, possess solid theological knowledge in legal studies and proficient professional skills with rational knowledge structure, as well as good English language proficiency and computer competence, familiarize themselves with to the socialist justice and legal system with Chinese characteristics, civil and commercial law, international economic and trade law and practice, and international economic trade law and practice, and obtain the ability to satisfy the demands for the society and the market.


Core Curriculum

  According to the orientation of cultivating application-oriented talented graduates set forth by the university and the degree of congruency between the institutional objective of cultivating talented personnel and the demands by the society, the Department, through careful scientific research with legal professions, has successfully established a curriculum system with a perfect congruency between the law major and the demand of the society.


  The main course of the Law Major includes Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation Law, Punishment Law (general), Punishment law (categorized), Civil Law (general), Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Economic Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedural Law, International Law, Private International Law, International Economic Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Legal Professional Ethics, and History of Chinese Legal System.


  The Department, based on the actual situation for law major in running the institution, has set up the training direction for this major as civil and commercial law.  The main courses offered for this major include Property Law, Contract Law, Marriage and Family Law, Tort Liability Law, Corporate Law, American Legal System (Bilingual,) International Trade Legal Practice, World Trade Organization Law (Bilingual), Legal Sociology, Criminal Psychology, Corporate Legal Practice System, Real estate legal practice, etc.



At present, the Department has a high caliber faculty team including 8 full-time and 14 part-time faculty members.  Among the full-time faculty members, there is 1 talented overseas returnee, 1 full professor, 1 associate professor, 3 with JD degree, 1 JD candidate, and 5 with Master of Law degree.  There are also 5 double-qualified faculty members and 6 external full-time professors in the Department.  100% of the teaching faculty members hold a master’s degree and above.


Distinctive Features 

    ? “Business + Law” Interdisciplinary Cultivation Model

    Based on the specialties of the majors of International Economics and Trade, Finance, Accounting, and Marketing, offered by the School of Business, Sanda University, the Department of Law makes efforts in fully integrating the curriculum design, subject research, practical talented students training, and other aspects to realize interdisciplinary development, providing favorable support to the practical teaching and cultivation of application-oriented and talented business professionals.


    ? New Education Mode for Shanghai Higher Education Institution of “Comprehensive Cultivation of Law Major - Consultation - Creation and Innovation”

  The Department has adopted and built the new education mode of “Comprehensive Cultivation of Law Major - Consultation - Creation and Innovation”, attaching grate importance to practical education and the second classroom teaching and learning, and achieved excellent results  At the same time, it also, taking advantage of the situation, balances the number of law students who pass the law qualification test and all-round talented personnel training, improves the comprehensive application ability and employment ability of law studies, carries out the teaching mode of legal aid and consultation, and highlights the characteristic features of business practical teaching and learning.


    ? Multidisciplinary Training Mode of Legal Study and “Business Data Study”

  Based on the advantages and cooperation resources of the majors related to business school and other majors in the university, a Big Data + Law multidisciplinary training mode is formed, and the emphasis is placed on the integration of data business major and law major in professional education development.



  The Department of Law, supported by special funding of Shanghai municipal government, has had the Moot court built, modeled after Putuo Court in Shanghai, as a practice training base for law major students, which can be used for professional course practical training, as well as a platform for students to serve the society through the activity of “Popularization of Law”, reflecting the sociality and practicality of the construction of law major.


Practice Platform on and off Campus

  On campus, there are two student associations, namely Yangfan Law Association, which specializes in practical training for students to learn legal knowledge and skills, and Sanda University Student Legal Aid Center, which focuses on legal aid. Meanwhile, the Department of Law also has a legal consulting room, serving as a platform for students and faculty members to undertake the practical teaching and learning in a legal consultation.

 Off campus, the department has established cooperation with numbers of governmental legal sectors and legal practice institutions including court and law firm, and set up practical training bases with them.

Education Outcomes

    ? The Department successfully applied for the Overseas Famous Faculty Member Project and got endorsed by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2012;


    ? The Department successfully applied for the Humanities and Social Science Research Project and got endorsed by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2012;


    ? Faculty members from the Department were selected to receive two projects of “Shanghai University Young Teacher Training Funding Program”;


    ? According to 2012 Shanghai Higher Education Professional Teaching and Practice Satisfaction Survey by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the professional satisfaction of law major of Department of Law, School of Business, Sanda University, exceeds the average level of satisfaction of law majors in Shanghai higher education institutions;


    ? The course of International Economic Law was once selected and honored as an Excellent Course of Sanda University;


    ? The Department’s “The Second Teaching Classrooms” such as Creative Association, Legal Consultation Room, Legal Association, and Moot Court won the Excellence Award jointly granted by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Shanghai Municipal Government Legal Publicity Office;


    ? The Department won the Second Prize (2018) and Third Prize (2019) respectively at the third and the fourth national Green Energy Cup University Law Students Summer Research Contest;


    ? The Department won the first and second prizes of the Second Shanghai Law Case Analysis Competition for College Students (2020);


    ? Law graduates from the Department in the past years have won numerous awards such as the Shanghai Outstanding Undergraduate Graduates, Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award, Outstanding Student Association of Sanda College, etc.


Professional Certificates Recommended

  A major direction of the teaching and training of law students is to pass the National Legal Professional Qualification Examination and obtain the Legal Professional Qualification Certificate.

Employment Prospects

  The graduates from the Department of Law are expected to work for Law firms, corporate legal affairs offices, public procuratorate units, administrative management and other units related to law, administration and management.


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