Media, no matter traditional or new networking, are facing challenges of operational management issues in a market-oriented macro-environment. Media operation, different from other commercial ones, must put social benefits as its first priority and pursue the maximization of economic benefits on the premise of adhering to the correct guidance of public opinion.  The particularity of media management determines the particularity of the teaching as a line of study.  it is necessary not only to grasp the basic theory and common knowledge of news communication to promote positive energy, but also to understand the market operation to achieve both social and economic gain of benefits.


Training Objective 

Our training objective is to cultivate our students to become high caliber application-oriented professionals who have fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills in journalism, and the familiarity with all types of transmission characteristics of media and the operation mechanism and law of media market, grasp the media technology widely used in the market and the comprehensive ability of planning, operation and management of the media industry, possess the adaptability to handle work assignments given by companies, institutions and enterprises, new media in transition, network and new media related agencies.


Professional Core Courses

The professional courses include News Interview and Writing, All Media Copywriting Creation, Advertising Planning and Creativity, Public Relations Writing, TV Program Planning and Production, Research Methods of Communication, Radio and Television Studies, Market Research, Lighting and Videography, Film and Television Post-Production, Cross-cultural Communication, Brand Building and Management, Media Operation and Management, Advertising Law and Management, Mass Media and Popular Culture, Study of Public Relations, News Law and Regulations, Professional Ethics, Mini Movies, Media Literacy, and etc.


The Length of Schooling:4 years

The Degree to be Conferred: Bachelor of Arts


The Employment Rate for the Past 8 Years

      Year 2018: 100.00%;

      Year 201696.15%;

Year 2015: 98.20%;

Year 2014: 97.00%;

Year 2013: 97.00%;

Year 201292.00%;

Year 2011: 97.00%;

Year 2010100.00%.


Employment Prospects

      Graduating students of the Department are expected to be employed by institutions, agencies, companies and enterprises such as newspapers, magazines, radio station, TV station, and other traditional media organizations, websites, new media industry, advertising companies, cultural communication companies and other businesses and service industries to engage in the work post as reporter, editor, media sales agent, advertising and publicity agent, corporate publicity and public relations officer, and etc.


Some employment units over the years

Some employment units for our graduating students over the years include Oriental Civilization Communication Co., Ltd.(Shanghai), Star Group Ltd., Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd., BDO Accounting Firm, Ltd., Shanghai Bu Gu Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Shanghai Net@lk Co. Lid., KPMG Accounting Firm (Shanghai), Vision Credit Ltd. (Shanghai), Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kankanews Network Communication Co., Ltd., Sina Network Technology Co., Ltd., Blue Focus Media Group, and etc.


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