Journalism is a line of study within the science of Journalism and Communication, which is comparatively more mature in terms of its teaching and learning system and with a longer history of development. With the rise of the Internet and the rapid development of network communication and social media, the entire teaching-learning system keeps pace with the times, promoting the professional study of journalism to integrate and keep abreast with the enhancement of the new and old media.  The Department of Journalism adheres to the principal of cultivating high-caliber application-oriented personnel, through nurturing students’ various abilities, and setting the enhancement of innovative quality in teaching and learning as the top priority, who have large knowledge base and good quality of professionalism, the capability to adapt to the requirements of the era of media integration, and the ability to engage in news publicity for governmental sectors, professional media institutions and companies and enterprises.


Training Objective 

Our training objective is to cultivate our students to become high caliber application-oriented professionals who have fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills in journalism, the familiarity with all types of transmission characteristics of media, the practical operation ability of news interview and writing, photography production and editing, and the capability to adapt to work for news media agencies, and the related job posts in companies and enterprises.


Professional Core Courses

The professional courses include Introduction to Journalism, Introduction to Communication, History of Chinese Journalism, History of Foreign Journalism, Radio and Television, News Interview, news writing, News Editing, News Commentary, Photography and Videography, Network Communication, Integrated Journalism, TV News Collection and Production, Documentary Creation, News Visualization, New Media Operation, and etc.


The Degree to be Conferred

    Bachelor of Arts, with a schooling of 4 years

The Employment Rate for the Past 8 Years

      Year 2018: 97.40%;

      Year 201796.15%

      Year 201697.09%

Year 2015: 95.06%

Year 2014: 97.00%;

Year 2013: 98.00%

Year 2012: 98.00%;

Year 2011: 91.00%;

Year 2010: 100.00%.


Employment Prospects

     Graduating students of the Department are expected to be employed by institutions, agencies, companies and enterprises such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, new Internet media, cultural communication companies and other enterprises and service industries as reporter, editor, photographer, videographer, publicity and public relations officers.


Some employment units over the years

Some employment units for our graduating students over the years include Shanghai Media Group (SMG), Focus Media, The Paper, Shanghai Wing Media, CIIC Shanghai, Shanghai Concise PR Planning Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mypiao Co., Ltd., Shanghai Business News Media Co., Ltd., Star Satellite TV, Shanghai Oriental Mediao Goup Co., Ltd., Publicity Department of the Communist Party of Shanghai Yangpu District, Quzhou TV Station, Zhoushan TV Station , Lin'an City Radio and Television Station, Shanghai New Guidance Co., Ltd., Shanghai Powertate Digital Communications Co., Ltd., Shanghai ACNielsen Market Research Co., Ltd., CNR Mobile Co., Ltd.and etc.

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