Introduction to the Field of Study

Intelligent manufacturing represents the development direction of modern manufacturing industry, which occupies an increasingly important position in China's industrial map. The Department of Intelligent Control Technology, mainly aiming at the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing under the Industry 4.0 Hi-tech Strategic Plan, is dedicated to cultivate high-caliber and highly technical and skilled personnel who are familiar with principles of modern intelligent equipment, master modern intelligent manufacturing technology mainly based on the employment requirements for intelligent manufacturing, electrical equipment operation, debugging, and technical management, possess the ability to handle design and simulation intelligent system, operation and maintenance, testing and analysis, installation, debugging, maintenance, marketing and management of professional equipment, and equip themselves with professional knowledge and skills of networking, intelligence, and information with strong ability of innovation.


Training objective

The training objective of this line of study is to cultivate high-caliber and highly technical and skilled personnel who master the professional knowledge and skills in installation, debugging and maintenance of modern industrial robots, as well as professional skills in mechanical structure design, electrical control, sensing technology and intelligent control, and have sufficient competency to be engaged in industrial robot system simulation, programming, debugging, operation, sales and industrial robot application system maintenance and management, production management and services in the front line of industrial production.


The Main Courses include C Language Programming, Industrial Robot Technology and Application, Sensor and Detection Technology, Electrical Control Technology, Industrial Robot Programming and Maintenance, Industrial Network Technology, Industrial Configuration Control Technology, Automatic Control Technology, and Frequency Converter and Servo Drive Technology;


Special-feature Education

The Department has adopted the training mode of implementing the integration of “Classroom with Workshop; Practical Training with Production”, based on the current teaching mode of integration of education institutions with companies and enterprises or “Work-study alternation, industry-university integration”.


Degree or Certification to be conferred

The Certification to be conferredJunior College Certificate

The qualified graduating students will be conferred with the certificates of Electrician Level 4, Electrician Level 3, Industrial Robot Teaching and Programming Special Professional Ability, Industrial Robot Operation and Maintenance Special Professional ability.


Some employment units over the years

           Employment Rate for Last Year for Intelligent Control Technology

Year Graduated

Number of Graduates

Number Employed

Employment Rate

Year 2019




Employment Direction

The students graduated from the Department of Intelligent Control Technology are directed to have the competency to handle the professional job positions such as modern industrial robot installation, debugging, operation, maintenance, and related equipment operation, automation equipment and production line manufacturing, operation and maintenance, management and quality inspection and other positions.


Job Positions that Students can be Engaged in

Job Positions that Students can be engaged in include Industrial Robot Equipment Operator, Robot Operation Maintenance and Manager, Industrial Robot Workstation Design and Installer, and Industrial Robot Senior Engineer;


Some employment units over the years

Some employment units over the years include Shanghai Waigaoqiao Wanguo Data Technology Development Co., LTD., Shanghai Hengar Ship Design Co., Ltd., China Marine Power Station Equipment Co., LTD., Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., LTD., Shanghai Municipal Engineering Management Consulting Co., LTD., Shanghai Electric Communication Technology Co., LTD., CB Richard Ellis Group Co., LTD.


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