The academic field of Fashion Communication was set up by the Department of Fashion Communication at a special request of the Chinese Ministry of Education to satisfy the demands of talented communication personnel for fashion industry.  The Department makes devoted efforts in assisting students to obtain more base knowledge and skills, to master the technical abilities of planning, producing and executing fashion and fashion-related projects, through the advantage of school-industry cooperation, to utilizing the off-campus practical training bases, master teacher studio, project-embedded curriculum, and jointly developed course modules with foreign partners or cooperative institutions of higher learning, and to equip themselves in conformity with the characteristics and standards required by fashion industry based on the modern communication technology, and to ensure the acquisition of the needed abilities for executing, developing and communicating the science of Fashion.


Training Objective 

    The training objective of this department is to cultivate application-oriented, versatile and high caliber personnel with a profound aesthetic literacy of humanities and fashion art, solid digital communication skills, and professional qualities in fashion communication, satisfying the development needs of fashion industry in the Omni-media era, and possessing the practical abilities to undertaking actual work of Omni-media communication in fashion industry.


Main Courses

    The main courses offered by this department include Introduction to Communication, New Media Communication, Fashion Integrated Marketing Communication, Fashion and Aesthetics, Audiovisual Language, Virtual Space Performance (Virtual Roaming), VR Foundation and Sources of Creation, Dynamic Image Experiments, Film and Television Special Effects Performance, Fashion Scene Socialization, Art of Apparel Collocation, Public Relations and Event Planning.


Special Features in Teaching and Learning

The Department has adopted the project-embedded teaching method for part of the curriculum, making the students’ knowledge system more in line with the development of the fashion industry, in order to cultivating the students’ planning and execution abilities of commercial communication in fashion Industry, sufficient kills in new media communication technologies, and strong ability of conducting project planning and management.  In addition, the Department has not only built a platform for this line of study in academic cooperation and communication, but also set up a number of practice and internship cooperative bases such as Shanghai Manheng Technology Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Li & Fung Group, and etc., so as to satisfy the demand for talented personnel in communication by the fashion industries in Shanghai City proper and its adjacent cities.


The Degree to be Conferred

    Bachelor of Arts, with a schooling of 4 years

The Certificate to be Granted

    The Special Ability and Skill Certificates to be granted to the qualified graduates include Special Effect Editing Qualification or Digital Media Technology, Fashion Scene Socialization, and others.  


Employment Prospects

    Graduates of the Department are expected to be employed by companies and enterprises of Fashion Communication, Advertising, Cultural Communication, Information Technology, Fashion Magazine and the related job positions such as Executive Officer for Fashion Project (events) Planning, Self-Media Planning and Operation, Fashion Media Planning, Fashion New Media Editing, and others.

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