Qin Li — Professor

Doctoral, Professor (second level), doctoral supervisor, academic backbone and discipline leader of the University. He was the head of Russian Department and the dean of Vocational and Technical College of Shanghai Foreign Studies University. He was also a member of the steering committee of the foreign language major of the Ministry of education, vice president of the Chinese Russian Teaching Research Association, and an expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council.

He graduated from Harbin Normal University with a bachelor's degree in 1982. He graduated from Peking University with a master's degree in 1985. He graduated from Shanghai Foreign Studies University in 1988 with a doctor's degree. He is the first doctor in Shanghai Foreign Studies University and the first doctor in Russian language field in China.

Professor Li mainly studies Russian language. More than 60 academic papers have been published, of which more than 40 have been published in core journals; more than 10 monographs, editors, translations, textbooks and dictionaries have been published. He has undertaken three projects of the Ministry of education, one major project of the key research base of the Ministry of education, and one national social science project. At present, he is the editor in chief of the ?New Era Chinese-Russian Dictionary? (a key publication project of the 13th five year plan) of the commercial press.

Professor Li has been engaged in Intensive Reading, Russian Grammar, Foreign Trade Russian, Interpretation, master's and doctor's degree courses for Russian Majors. Since 2004, he has been a postdoctoral co-tutor. Up to now, he has guided 30 graduate doctoral students and 5 postdoctoral students.


Duanyi Sha — Associate Professor

After graduating from the Russian Department of the School of Foreign Languages at Anhui University in 1977, Ms. Sha began teaching and researching Russian culture and translation. From 2003 to 2013 she served as the dean of the Russian Department at Anhui University.

While teaching at Anhui University, she was twice awarded the honorary title of Advanced  Individual in Educating. She was recognized three times for outstanding teaching. In 2011, under her instructional guidance, her students took second place in the National Russian Competition (sponsored by the Ministry of Education). Twice at Anhui University she was recognized for advanced evaluation and construction of undergraduate teaching. She received the third “Jianguo” Award, also while at Anhui University.

She taught courses in Elementary Russian, Advanced Russian, Russian Profiles, Newspaper Reading, Translation Theory and Practice, Russian Rhetoric, Russian Vocabulary, and Russian Writing, Russian Cultural History and others. She participated in 7 national, provincial, and school-level scientific research projects, collaborated in the translation of 10 major works, and published more than 30 articles and translations.

Since September 2017 she has taught in the Russian Department of the Foreign Languages College at Shanghai Sanda University. In 2018, She was honored with an Excellent Teachers and Staff award in the annual assessment of Shanghai Sanda College.


Yueming Cao — Lecturer

In 2007 graduated from the Russian Department of the Heilongjiang University with a bachelor's degree. From 2005 to 2007 he visited Russian Far East National University for two years. In 2013 graduated from the Russian Department of the Shanghai International Studies University with a master's degree, in 2016 with a doctor's degree.

He participated in 2 school-level scientific research projects and has published more than 4 articles. He taught courses in Elementary Russian, Advanced Russian, Newspaper Reading, Intensive Reading, Russian Grammar, Russian Vocabulary, Russian Writing, Russian Speaking, Russian History, Russian Literature and others.

Nan Jiang — Lecturer

Studying in Russia for 10 years. In 2011 graduated from the Russian Far Eastern Federal University with a bachelor's degree in Russian language and literature. In 2013, she received a master's degree. In 2019 graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with a doctor's degree in Russian language and literature.

During the period of studying for master's and doctor's degree, she has published more than 5 articles,was selected as an outstanding student by the Russian Far Eastern Federal University and received a full scholarship from the Russian Ministry of Education.

She joined Shanghai Sanda University in September 2019.

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