Name: Jianhua Fan

Sex:  Male

Date of Birth:  September, 1954

Professional Title:  Professor


Office phone:021-20262871

Office Address: Room 329, Building 10

Course Assignments:  Country and Regional Culture


Education Resume:

1985---East China Normal University, studying Chinese language and literature, conferred with Bachelor's Degree 

1988---East China Normal University, majoring in Modern Chinese in the Chinese Department, conferred with a Master's Degree




Main Achievements:


“On the Passive Tense of Modern Chinese”, published in East China Normal University News, No.1, 1990

“Dialectical Thinking-The Philosophical Foundation of Chinese

Rhetoric Culture”, Macro-linguistics (Sino-British cooperation), 1996 6-7

“Editor's Language Training”, Editor's Journal, No.5, 2001

“A brief introduction to the Comma Issues in Manuscript Review”, published in China, No.5, 2009


Textbook Monographs:

“Chinese Language for communication” (TCSL broadcast textbook), Shanghai education press, 1995 (compilation)

“Encyclopedia of Psychology”, Zhejiang Education Press, 1995 (edited personal construct theory, etc.)

“Book Collection Handed Down from Generation to Generation”, Hainan International Press and Publication Center, 1996



Research Projects:

“Analysis of Learning Errors of Chinese Language by International Students” assigned by the Chinese Ministry of Education, 1991 (undertook sub-topics)

“Research on Application of Language in Audiovisual Publications”, 2014 (one of the persons in charge)

   Once served as the final review judge of the social science project assigned by the Ministry of Education, and a member of the high judge of the East China Normal University


Associate Dean of School of Education and Head of the Department of Primary Education


Name: Fang Mingsheng


Date of Birth:  1954

Professional Tittle:  Professor

Degree Earned: PH.D.


Office Address:  Room 331, Building 10


Education Resume:

The main research areas for Professor Mingsheng Fang are Curriculum and Pedagogy and Comparative Education. He is also a member of the Japanese Curriculum Association and the European and American Students Association; Postgraduate Tutor in Curriculum and Teaching Theory and Education History. Professor Fang has been involved in more than 100 papers on comparative education, curriculum and teaching theory, and children's studies.


1998---Graduated from East China Normal University with a doctorate in comparative education

2002---Children's Research: A Review and Prospect of the Century

2005---The Translation, Modern Japanese Education Curriculum Reform

2007-2008---Visiting Researcher of Nagoya University

2011---Visiting Professor of Meiji University, Japan.  The monographs Research on Japanese Life Composition Education

2009-2012---presided over and completed the Shanghai Education Program Research on curriculum development of 'children's learning' in teacher education

2013---The compilation Introduction to Children's Studies

2011-2016---Children's Research and Curriculum Innovation in the Perspective of Society and Culture”, a major projects of the Key Research Base of Humanities and Society of the Chinese Ministry of Education

2019---“Children's Research: Retrospect and Prospect of the Century”



Head of the Department of Preschool Education



Name:  Jianping Pang

Sex:  Female

Date of Birth:  September, 1958

Professional Tittlel:  Associate Professor


Office Location:  Room 319, Building 10


Education Resume:

1988---Department of Education, Nanjing Normal University, undergraduate studies, Bachelor Degree

2007---Department of Pre-school Education, East-China Normal University, graduate studies, Master’s Degree



Main Achievements:


“An Experimental Study on Communication Strategies of 4-6 Year-old    Children under the Condition of Substance Deficiency” by Huang Qiong, Pang Jianping ,  Psychological Science. 1996

“An Experimental Study of Six-year-old Children's Communication Strategies with Adults under the Condition of Artificial Obstacles” by Pang Jianping. Psychological science. 1999

“Child Development and Developing Children” by Pang Jianping, Shanghai Nursery School. 2003

“Skillfully Using the Parental Role to Balance the Development of Children” by Pang Jianping, For the Kids. 2005

“The Inspiration of Norwegian Early Childhood Education” by Pang Jianping, Early Childhood Education. 2006

“An Experimental Study of Children's Communication Strategies in Different Situations”by Pang Jianping. Psychological Science, 2007

“An Observational Study on the Communication Strategies of 3-5 years old Children”by Pang Jianping. Shanghai Educational Research. 2008

“On the Transformation of Kindergarten Teachers in China and the Construction of Preschool Education Courses”by Wang Zhenyu, Pang Jianping, Early Childhood Education. 2009

“The Status Quo and Countermeasures of Family Mental Health Education for 3-6 year Old Children by Pang Jianping,  Early Childhood Education, 2011

“Thoughts on Educational Practice of Pre-primary Education in Higher Vocational Education” by Pang Jianping,  Early Childhod Education, 2012


Textbook Monographs:

Children's Painting of Anima- Art Activity Design by Wu Qianzhang and Pang Jianping, Editor-in-Chief, Shanghai Book Publishing House, July 2003.

“Pre-School Children Health Education”, by Pang Jianping, Liu Qian, Editor-in-Chief, East China Normal University Press, January 2008

“Reference Book for Preschool Psychology Teachers” by Wang Zhenyu, Pang Jianping, Editor-in-Chief. People's Education Press, December 2010

“Psychology of Preschool Children” by Wang Zhenyu, Chief Editor, Pang Jianping, Deputy Chief Editor, China Central Radio and Television University Press, June 2014

“Preschool Child Psychology” by Pang Jianping, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, July 2018


Research Projects:

“Theoretical Research and Practical Exploration on Training Objectives and Curriculum Optimization of Preschool Education Major in Higher Vocational Education”, granted the “11th Five-Year National Plan” Research Project Excellence Award by China Preschool Education Research Association

“Application of Hybrid Teaching Method in the Construction of Basic Courses for Preschool Education Major”, School Planning, Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Education, March, 2000



Head of the Department of Chinese International Education


Name:  Chen Huizhong


Professional Tittle:  Professor


Cell Phone:13636331747

Office Address:Room 312, Building 10号楼

Degree earned:  Master’s Degree



The Subjects Taught: 

Literature of the People’s Republic Era, Modern Urban Literature of China”, and Special Topics of Chinese Culture


Main Research Direction

Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature and Chinese International Education



Loneliness from the Modern Cities

Shizhecun and Arthur Schnitzler

the Beginning andEend of Chinese New Sensationalism Literature

Comparative Thinking of Chinese and Japanese Taught as Foreign Languages

 International Chinese Language

“International Education of Chinese Language”

The Relevance of International Chinese Languageand International Education of Chinese Language

Theotrtical Travel and Teaching Chinese Abroad and etc. 


 Monographs / Textbooks: 

Overview of Contemporary Chinese Literature

Collegiate Chinese

Selected Reading of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature


“Excellent Young Teacher of Shanghai University” awarded in 1995

“National Baosteel Teacher Award” awarded in 1999

Associate Head of Department of International Chinese Education


Name:  Cui Weizhen

Professional Tettle:  Lecturer

Email Address:


Office Address: Room 314, Building 10


Education Resume

 1999. 9-2003. 6---Bachelor of Chinese as a Foreign Language, Department of Chinese, Henan Normal University

 2003. 6-2006. 9---Master of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Beijing Language and Culture University

 2010. 9-2013. 6---Ph.D.;Shanghai Normal University PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Academic and Research Achievements for the Past 5 Years:

Dissertations and Publications:

T + 都 + 也 + 不 / 没 + VP Structure of the Syntactic Performance  , Journal of Xinjiang University (Philosophy. Humanities and Social Sciences Edition) , the Sixth Period, 2018

Thirty Lessons in Basic Chinese , Tongji University Press, 2018

“A Review of Studies on Chinese Asymmetry, Journal of Anyang Normal University, 2016 No. 1 Period

“Asymmetry Implied in the Comparison of the Phrase Comparison Items in the Difference Comparison Sentence, Chinese Teaching and Research,  No.4,  2014

 A Comparison of Affirmative and Negative Aberrations in the Form of Difference-Comparative Sentences”, Chinese Learning, No.6, 2014


Research Projects:


“Research on the Construction of Chinese International Education Professional Training Courses”, a research project assigned by Shanghai Civilian Education Association


Modern Chinese”, a key project assigned by Shanghai Shanda University, 2017


Research on Hierarchical Testing Based on the Internet Online Platform”, a project assigned by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to outstanding young teachers for Training, 2014


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