Head of the Department

Name: Jiao Linying

Position: Head of Hotel Management Department

Title: Associate Professor

Email: Qiaojiao02 @ Sina.com

Office: 8620

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Administration, Yunnan University

Master of Business Administration, Shanghai Maritime University

Visiting Scholar, University Hertfordshire, UK

Work Experience:

2014 to present, Head of Hotel Management Department of Shanghai Sanda University

2004/08-2013/07,Head of Hotel Management Department and Professional Leader of Tourism Teaching and Research Section, Part-time Vice Chairman of College Trade Union, Shanghai Foreign Languages College. 

2001/07-2004/05,Tour Guide/Office Manager, Yunnan International Travel Service 

1996/07-2001/07 Heibaishui Hotel, Lijiang, Yunnan

2010/03-2010/05 Internship at Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai

Social Duty:

Shanghai vocational skill appraisal and evaluation expert.


2018/08 French Dessert(Advanced)

2018/01 SCA Certificate (Intermediate)

2016/03 Tea Artist Certificate (Intermediate)

2015/03 Bakery Certificate (Intermediate)

2013/10 Flower Arrangement Certificate (Advanced)

2013/02 Bartender Certificate (Junior)

2009/05 National Higher Vocational College Double-qualified Teacher Certificate (Hotel and Tourism Management)

2008/10 National Higher Vocational College Double-qualified Teacher Certificate (Teaching Ability of Higher Vocational Teachers)

2008/01 British Butler Qualification Certificate

2006/05 Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Advanced)

2004/04 Tourist Guide Qualification Certificate (Junior , English)

Main Academic Achievement:


Market Promotion of Middle School Teaching-assisted Network Education Products into Regional Research. Teaching and Scientific Research, No.2, 2006;

The Development of Theme Hotels in Shanghai. Teaching and Research, No.2, 2008;

Improve Students' Cultural Quality and Promote the Great Development and Prosperity of Socialist Culture. University Education Research (Core Journal), No.7, 2009,;

How to Develop Theme Hotels in Shanghai, Economic Guide (Core Journal), 2010;

The Cultivation of Professional Ethics of Students in Higher Vocational Colleges. Vocational Education Forum (Core Journal), No.21, 2010;

How College Teachers Scientifically Guide College Students to Improve Their EQ. Teaching and Scientific Research, 2013.


Introduction to Hotel Management, Shanghai Finance and Economics University Press, 2007.7, the first deputy editor-in-chief.

Introduction to Tourism, Shanghai Finance and Economics University Press, 2009.7

Negotiating Essentials (Fundamentals of Negotiation-Theory, Skills and Practice), Shanghai Century Publishing Group, published in March 2010 and reprinted in 2012; independent translator.

Elite China: Chinese Luxury Consumption Behavior, which is planned to be published by Century Publishing Group in 2020, independent translator.


Feasibility Study of Developing Theme Hotels in Shanghai (Scientific Research Project of Excellent Young Teachers in Shanghai)

Hotel English Training Course (Shanghai Private University Teaching Highland Construction Project)

Logistics, BCCI and Hotel Curriculum Construction (School-level Curriculum Construction)

Construction of Hotel Technician Module (School-level Curriculum Construction)

? School-Enterprise Cooperation Curriculum (MICE and Hotel) Construction (School-level Curriculum Construction)

Received Honor:

Access to the 2006 Shanghai Excellent Young Teachers Research Fund;

The second prize for teaching contribution in 2005-2006;

The Excellent Teaching Plan Award of the College in the first semester of 2006-2007;

The second prize for teaching contribution in 2006 - 2007;

The first prize for teaching contribution in 2007-2008;  

The first prize for teaching contribution in 2008–2009;

The first prize for teaching contribution in 2010-2011

The first prize of teaching and the third prize of oral English in The First Bilingual Teaching Skills Competition of Hotel Management Teachers in Shanghai Private Colleges and Universities in 2011. 

The Best Instructor Award of the First Shanghai Private University Hotel Management Students' Oral Competition in 2013. 

Excellent Faculty of Shanghai Sanda University in 2018;


Deputy Head of the Department

Name: Gong Zilan

Position: The Deputy Head of Hotel Management

Title: Lecturer

E-mail: gong.zilan @live.com.

Office: 8616

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Science in Educational Information Technology, East China Normal University

Master of International Hospitality Management, University of Strathclyde, UK

Ph.D. in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Work Experience:

2009-2010, Management Trainee of Human Resources Department of Jinjiang Star Hotel Management Co Ltd.

2010 to present: School of Tourism and Hotel, Shanghai Sanda University

Social Duty:



Corporate Human Resources Manager (Level II) 1103000233201666

International Entrepreneurship Coach (Intermediate) IEC058062-M-CH

Main Academic Achievement:


Gong, Z., La Lopa, J. M., & Zhang, S. (2020). The Effects of Customer Interactional Injustice on Hotel EmployeesEmotion Regulation: Case Study of an Upscale Shanghai Hotel. Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism, 129. https://doi.org/10.1080/1528008X.2020.1746223

La Lopa, J., & Gong, Z. (2020). Sexual Harassment of Hospitality Interns. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, 32(2), 88-101.

Gong Z. A Hybrid Study of Intelligent Tourism Route Planning Principles Based on Grounded Theory and Delphi Method — a Case Study of Female Independent Travelers. Modern Business Journal. 2018, 29: 32-34

Gong Zilan, Lin Nan, Jia Zhujun. The View of the Design of Shanghai INDIGO Hotel from Hotel Management Aspect [J]. Design, 2018 (18): 70-75.

Gong Z, Du M. Preliminary Study on Asymmetric Information Perception between Tourists and Destinations: a Case Study of Shangyu Tourism Market. Tourism Forum, 2014, 7 (2): 21-25

Gong Z. Research on Career Satisfaction of Employees in Economical Chain Hotels. Enterprise Review, 2013 (1): 205-207

Zhao H, Gong Z. The Influence of Digital Game-based Teaching on Students' Learning Interest and Academic Achievement: Taking English Teaching as the Center. Modern Educational Technology, 2007, 17 (11): 47-54


Shanghai Sanda University English Course Subject: Food Service and Culture,2015

Shanghai Sanda University Foundation Project: Research on Employee Satisfaction of Economical Hotels Based on Big Data Mining, 2014

Shanghai Sanda University Key Course Project: Hotel Situational English, 2014 

Municipal Education Commission/Municipal Education Development Fund Committee Shanghai Chenguang Plan Project: Model Research on Tourist Intelligent Tourism APP, 2013

Municipal Education Commission Project: Research on the Change of Employee Satisfaction in Economical Hotels

Received Honor:

The third place in the National Competition of Wanli Haocheng Hotel and Tourism Management Teaching Competition

Excellent Graduation Thesis instructor of Shanghai Sanda University in 2019

The Second Place of Shanghai Sanda University Teachers' Lecture Competition

The Second Best Spoken English, The Second place for best lecture of Shanghai Private College Committee Private College Teachers' English Competition

Excellent Instructor of Student English Competition

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