Head of Department

Name: Zhang yuan

Position:Head of Tourism Management Department

Title: Lecturer

E-mail: yuanzhang @ sandau.edu.cn

Office: 8516

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Tourism Management, Anhui University

Master of Tourism Management, East China Normal University

Work Experience:

2007 to present: Shanghai Sanda University

Social Duty: None


Teacher Certificate, Tour Guide Certificate, Tea Master (Intermediate)

Main Academic Achievement:


Zhang yuan, Lou Jiajun, Mode B: The Future Development of China's Tourism Industry, Journal of Beijing International Studies University, 2006.9.

Lou Jiajun, Zhang yuan, Theoretical Thinking on the Development of Humanistic Tourism Resources in Shanghai, Humanistic Tourism (Vol. 4), Zhejiang: Zhejiang University Press, 2007.7

Zhang yuan, a Preliminary Study on the Development Path of Shanghai Tourism Resources, Enterprise Herald, 2009.10

Zhang yuan, Xue Xingguo, Zhang Yiwei, Research on Classification Management of Online Travel Agencies in China, Tourism Forum, Vol. 6, No.6, 2013.

Zhang yuan, Lou Jiajun, Development Status, Characteristics and Model Transformation of Shanghai's Business and Travel Literature from the Perspective of Global Tourism, Modern Urban Research, No.7, 2018, 53-60 


Introduction to Leisure, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2012 


The scientific research project of selecting and training outstanding young teachers in Shanghai universities: From Model A to Model B: Transformation of Shanghai's Tourism Resources Development Path, 2007

The scientific research project of backbone teachers in private colleges and universities in Shanghai: The Deepening Research on Shanghai's Urban Tourism Image based on the Theory of Urban Image ,2011.

The key project of Shanghai Tourism Consulting: Research on the Development Trend of Shanghai Travel Agency Industry,. Xue Xingguo, Zhang yuan and Zhang Yiwei

Associate Head of Department

Name: Yin Jing

Position: Associate Head of the Tourism Management Department

Title: Lecturer

Email: jying @ sandau.edu.cn

Office: 8518

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Tourism Management, Suzhou University of Science and Technology

Master of Human Geography, Shanghai Normal University

Work Experience:

2012 to present, Shanghai Sanda University 

Social Duty: None


Tour Guide Certificate

Tea Master (Intermediate) 

Main Academic Achievement:


Yin Jing, Gao Jun. Comparative Analysis of Customer Source Flow Based on Social Network Theory — a Case Study of Hu-Ning-Hang Customer Source Flow Network [J] .Tourism Forum, 2012 (07).

Yin Jing. Analysis of the Tourist Flow Network of Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta [J]. Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs, 2015 (04).

Yin Jing. Research on Customer Satisfaction of Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel Based on IPA Analysis. Proceedings of the International Academic Forum on Tourism Development in the New Era: Green, Wisdom and Integration. 2018

Yin Jing. Research on the Behavior Characteristics of Shanghai Tourists Based on Internet Travel Notes [J]. Contemporary Tourism, 2018 (12)

Yin Jing. Analysis of the Characteristics of Shanghai Tourism Flow Network [J]. Tourism Overview. 2020 (2) 


The scientific research project of outstanding young teachers in Shanghai: Empirical Research on Tourism Flow Network in Yangtze River Delta.

Shanghai Chenguang Project: Research on Spatial Diffusion Characteristics and Paths of Shanghai Tourist Flow.

The key course in Shanghai: Tourism Public Relations.

Received Honor:

The second prize of Shanghai Private College Teachers' Teaching Competition. 2019.6

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