Head of the Department

Name: Yang Minjie

Positions:Associate Dean of School of Management. The Head of Human Resource Management Department

Title: Professor

Email: yangminjie5821@163.com

Office: 8604

Education Background:

Bachelor of Psychology, Harbin Normal University

Master of Educational Management Psychology,Harbin Normal University

Doctor of Management Science and Engineering,Harbin University of Science and Technology

Work Experience:

1995.6--2012.6, Harbin University of Science and Technology

2012.6--2014.8,Fudan University

2014.9--2019.9, Xianda School of Economics and Humanities, Shanghai Foreign Studies University

2019.3--present, Shanghai Sanda University

Social Duty:

Shanghai financial expenditure performance evaluation expert


National second-level psychological consultant

Main Academic Achievement:


Published more than 30 papers, such as:

Research on the Dimensions of Virtual Enterprise Cooperative Performance Evaluation Based on Structural Equation Model, Scientific and Technological Progress and Countermeasures(CSSCI core journal), the first author,2010.7.

Evaluation of Coupling Degree between Regional Economic Development and Human Resources Development, Statistics and Decision-making (CSSCI core journal), the first author,2011.12

Research on the Stage Performance Evaluation and Prediction Model of Virtual Member Enterprises, Statistics and Decision Making (CSSCI core journal) the first author,2010.5.

The Design of Virtual Human Resource Performance Evaluation Model and Evaluation System, Statistics and Decision Making (CSSCI core journal), the first author, 2010.4.


College Students Career Planning Training Course, Science Press, (Chinese Academy of Sciences Planning Textbook) 2011.2, the first editor;

Introduction to Human Resource Development and Management, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Press, 2001.11, the second chief editor;

Psychology, Heilongjiang People's Publishing House, 2002.7, the second chief editor;

Contemporary Higher Education, Heilongjiang Education Publishing House, 2007.12, the third chief editor;

Human Resource Development and Management, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Press, 2004.2, the third chief editor.


Shanghai Education Science Research Project: Research on International Education and Teaching Quality Management Mechanism in Colleges and Universities;

Research on the Basic Paradigm of Ideological and Political Work in Professional Courses in Colleges and Universities;

Research and Practice of Comprehensive and Design Experimental Project of Human Resources Management Discipline;

Research on the Transformation of Human Resources Management Personnel Training Mode in the Era of Big Data.

Received Honor:

Excellent Faculty of Sanda University

Excellent Lecturer of Sanda University



Associate Head of the Department

Name: Cheng Yi

Position: Associate Head of the Human Resources Management Department

Title: Lecturer

E-mail: Chengyi_1981@163.com

Office: 8606

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Information Engineering, Nanjing University

Master of Nanjing Normal University

Work Experience:

2007.8 to present: Shanghai Sanda University

Social Duty:




Main Academic Achievement:


On the Obstacles in the Implementation of the Three Rural Policies and the Path Selection to Overcome, Seeking Truth (Core Journal), No.1, 2006

The Return of Farmers' Discourse Power from the Perspective of Post-modern Public Administration, Yunnan Administration College (Core Journal), No.1, 2007




Shanghai Youqing Project,2008

Shanghai Private College and University Key Scientific Research Projects,2011

Received Honor:

Excellent Communist Party Member of Shanghai Sanda University,2016

Excellent Faculty of Shanghai Sanda University in 2018

Shanghai Sanda University March 8th Red Flag Pacesetter,2019

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