Head of the Department

Name: Zhu Zongyuan

Position: Head of Food Quality and Safety Department

Title: Professor

Email: zhuzongyuan42@126.com

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Beijing Agricultural University (now China Agricultural University)

Work Experience:

1965-2005, researcher of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the director of the research Institute

2000-2006, chief engineer of Shanghai Agricultural Products Quality Certification Center

2006 to present, Shanghai Sanda University, and once served as the secretary of the general Party branch and vice president of the management college.

Social Duty: 




Main Academic Achievement:

Has won nearly 20 national, ministerial and municipal awards for scientific and technological progress.


Published more than 30 papers, responsible for the development of local food safety standards in Shanghai.


Published a book (written by many people)


Undertakes more than 20 research projects.

Received Honor:

Since 1993, he has enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council, and in 2011, he was awarded the Excellent Party Member of the Education Commission in the private university system.

Deputy Head of the Department

Name: Yu Yanli

Position: Deputy Head of the Food Quality and Safety Department

Title: Lecturer

Email: ylyu@sandau.edu.cn

Office: 8510

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Applied Chemistry, Beijing Normal University

Master of Physical Chemistry, Beijing Normal University

Work Experience:

2008.08 to present, Department of Food Quality and Safety, Shanghai Sanda University


Main Academic Achievement:


Determination of Malachite Green and Recessive Malachite Green in Feed by Liquid Chromatography, Tandem Mass Spectrometry,2018.9

Rapid Detection of Casein Content in Infant Formula Milk Powder by ELISA , Journal of Food Safety and Quality Inspection,2017.8

Establishment and Application of HACCP System in Yogurt Production, Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2016.12


2017 Chenguang Project: Background Value Analysis and Risk Assessment of Benzoic Acid in Food and Its Impact on Human Health

2018 Chenguang Project: Enzymatic Properties of Myrosinase in Maca and Its Effect on Benzyl Glucosinolates Hydrolysates

2019 Chenguang Project: Effects and Mechanisms of New Gene recD2 on Vibrio Parahaemolyticus of Shrimp Survival in Rice Field

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