The learning of English for non-English majors is a fascinating and yet complex process that poses instructional, learning, and research challenges. The Department of Teaching English to Non-English Majors at Sanda University is dedicated to preparing undergraduates at this college for achieving reasonable linguistic and cross-cultural competencies through instructed and self-directed learning.

We offer courses designed to create interfaces between the language learning program and the broader contexts in which our students find themselves educationally: the strategic interests of the college, students’ academic pursuits, and students’ personal development. Improving the quality of language learning experiences along the line takes devotion, passion, and specialization. This department has well-trained faculty, who consistently demonstrate such professionalism in a culture of camaraderie. By utilizing a multitude of resources and incorporating various theoretical insights, we serve to contribute in our innovative ways to student success as citizens in the competitive job market and a globalized world as well as the continued improvement of our students’ language proficiency.

We invite you to explore our department website, and contact us if you have further queries (

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