The School established the field of study of Primary Education in 2017 with the endorsement of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is determined to do its best to cultivate new type of teachers who possess excellent qualities and abilities to satisfy the needs and requirements set forth for primary teachers, in order to cope with the increasing demand of qualified elementary school teachers and the society's expectation for a better quality of basic education.

Education Objectives

The Study of Primary Education is designed to cultivate high caliber professionalized talented personnel who have a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical health and appreciation of beauty, and possess modern education concepts, good psychological quality, and competency of handling job positions concerning primary education, teaching and research.

The Department provides the students with a reasonable modular curriculum to enrich and develop the teaching ability of the main core courses and the practical experience of various educational scenarios. It makes great effort in cultivate primary school teachers equipped with excellent qualities, high competence of teaching two disciplines, and the ability of conducting various activities in physical education.

Core Courses

The courses offered by the Department include Fundamental Elementary Education, Educational Psychology, Curriculum and Pedagogy---teaching theory, Child Development Education, Primary Chinese Language Teaching Design, and Primary Mathematics Teaching Design.

The certification to be conferred to qualified students:  Primary School Teacher Qualification Certification.


Employment Prospects

     The department strives to cultivate high caliber talented students to be teachers and administrators for primary schools of various types engaged in teaching and research in primary Chinese language, primary mathematic courses, primary student administration, primary school administration and management, primary school student psychological consultation, and family education guidance.  The students will mainly study the fundamental theory and basic knowledge of primary education, receive basic skill training needed by primary school teachers, equip themselves with relatively broad and solid knowledge of culture and science, good artistic accomplishment and the certain ability of artistic expression.


Primary Education Voluntary Activity “Growing up Hand-in-Hand

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