Department of “Situation and Policy”, established in March of 2020 directly under the administration of the School, presently has 1 full-time faculty member, an associate professor with Master’s degree, and a number of adjunct faculty members mainly coming from the Sanda student counselors with graduate degrees.  All faculty members have strong political beliefs, solid theoretical foundations, and strong teaching and research capabilities.


The Department is mainly responsible for teaching the course Situation and Policy for the entire university. The course of “Situation and Policy” is an ideological and political theory course for higher education institutions which are very strong in theory armed with timeliness, the pertinence of disabuse, and comprehension of education guidance, a core course helping college students to have a correct understanding of the domestic and international situation in the new era and a profound understanding of the historic changes, achievements, opportunities and challenges that have taken place in the cause of the Party and the country since the 18th National Congress of the CPC., and an important channel to accurately understand, as the top priority, the Party's basic theory, line and strategy, and promote the Party's theoretical innovation achievements into textbook, classroom and mind of students.


The Department, ever since its establishment, has paid great attention to the routine management, actively carried out the competition activities of instructors' lectures on situation and policy,numerous times organized faculty members to study educational teaching theory, assiduously delved into the research of teaching work, actively integrated the latest socialist theoretical achievements of the party and the nation into teaching, carried out special research on specialized subjects in combination of teaching, focused on discussion of theoretical issues and innovation of teaching methods, and effectively promoted the teaching of ideological and political courses so as to engrave Marxist theory deeply in the minds of students.

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