Department of “Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation”, established in September of 2018 directly under the administration of the School, has a faculty team of 6 full-time teaching professionals composed of 1 full professor, 3 lecturers, 2 with doctoral degree and 4 master’s degree. All faculty members have strong political beliefs, solid theoretical foundations, and strong teaching and research capabilities.


The Department is mainly responsible for teaching the course “Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation” for the entire university, which is a public basic compulsory theoretical course, an ideology and political theory course for higher education institutions, as well as the course utilized by the university to provide undergraduate students with basic Marxist theory education, after the implementation of the new plan of ideological and political theory curriculum in colleges and universities, helping students to establish a correct outlook on the world, life and values, cultivating students' patriotism, ambition to strengthen the country, and determination to serve the nation; guiding students to form legal thinking and consciousness, and to learn to use the mode of rational and scientific thinking to understand and deal with various practical issues.


The Department, ever since its establishment, has paid great attention to the routine management, actively carried out various forms of teaching and research activities, continuously deepened the teaching reform, and made great efforts to explore and research on the mode suitable for our faculty members to conduct classroom teaching and practical education activities, numerous times organized faculty members to study educational teaching theory, assiduously delved into the research of teaching work, actively integrated the latest socialist theoretical achievements of the party and the nation into teaching, carried out special research on specialized subjects in combination of teaching, focused on discussion of theoretical issues and innovation of teaching methods, and effectively promoted the teaching of ideological and political courses so as to engrave Marxist theory deeply in the minds of students.

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