The Department of Logistics Management (Multimodal Transport) of Hudong School of Engineering was established by Shanghai Sanda University in 2020 as a new field of study aiming at cultivating high-caliber application-oriented talented professionals who have the sufficient professional knowledge and skills of International multimodal transport service and relevant English language proficiency, the capabilities to work for logistic companies and enterprises Involving international multimodal transport engaged in the work posts dealing with international multimodal transport, warehousing, freight forwarding, shipping agency, cargo tally and multimodal transport coordination organization, arrangement and management in the international multimodal transport business, and etc., and, at the same time, possess a certain level of innovative ability and spirit.

The Main Course offered by this department include Container Transport Business, Railway Transport and Distribution, International Trade Practice, Warehousing Management, Maritime Geography, Air Freight Business, Foreign Trade correspondence, Dangerous Goods Transport Management, Multimodal Transport Practice and Regulations, Multimodal Transport Professional English, Multimodal Transport Documents Making, Multimodal Transport Scheme Design, and etc.

Main Practical Training Sessions include Enterprise Cognition Practice, International Multimodal Transport Process Practice, Wharf and Port Management Practice, Container Ships and Stowage Practice, International Freight Forwarding Special Ability Practice, Graduation Practice (enterprise post practice), and etc.


Some employment units over the years

Some employment units over the years include Wanxiang Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yu Jia Chang International Freight Shipping Co., Ltd., Shanghai Branch, DHL Global Freight (China) Co., Ltd. (DHL), Deppon Express Logistics Co., Ltd., Daotone International Supply Chain (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhexiang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuzhi Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd., Worldwide International Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Shipping Research and Environmental Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Jiutai International Logistics Co. Ltd., Shanghai Xingya Customs Clearance Co. LTD;

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