• Training Objective

The Department is devoted to cultivate high-caliber, application-oriented, multidisciplinary, professional and talented personnel who adapt to the needs of socialist modernization, develop themselves morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically in an all-round way, master sufficient knowledge, skills, and necessary competencies in handling job tasks such as design, construction and debugging of electrical engineering system in intelligent buildings, the installation, overhaul and operation and maintenance of electrical equipment, information communication and network management of intelligent buildings, public security technology, and etc., and have comprehensive capability of using technologies relating to computer application, network and communication, automatic control, construction, and etc.;


  • Knowledge and Skills to be Obtained by Graduates 

The graduates of this Department should equip themselves with stronger basic literacy of humanities and sense of social responsibility, master the basic scientific knowledge of mathematics, physics, foreign languages and computer applications, and the basic theories, knowledge and competencies in the fields of electrical and electronic technologies, electronic measurement technology, embedded system applications, intelligent buildings and building electrical control, computer applications and network communication, intelligent construction project operation,  management, project cost, and supervision, and intelligent building operation and maintenance.


  • Students’ Employment Prospects

The graduates of this Department will be competent in the capacity of an engineer for the installation, construction and debugging of intelligent building engineering system, on-site construction supervision of intelligent building, and the operation and maintenance of intelligent building and high-end building property equipment, after working in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta Region for 1-2 years and obtaining sufficient experience.


  • The Employment Positions for Graduates of the Major

On-site Construction Engineer, Technician, and Project Engineer responsible for the project development, construction supervision, building equipment debugging and maintenance of construction equipment and technology project.

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