Founded in 1987, Business School Lausanne is a boutique business school located in the greater area of Lausanne, Switzerland, and is part of the Lemania Group of Swiss Private Schools. Founded in 1987, BSL has been providing quality business education for 25 years and building on its dedication to responsible leadership and entrepreneurship. Each year students of over 60 nationalities join our Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, Executive Education and Doctoral programs.

    BSL takes a practical approach to business studies. It provides relevant education by adapting our programs to the constantly changing business world. The faculty consists exclusively of experienced and currently active business professionals who bring the latest business knowledge into the classroom every day. Its commitment to pragmatic and applied learning is widely recognized by employers as BSL ranks consistently in the Top 3 business schools in Switzerland in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report, an employer’s choice-based ranking system.

    Built on the vision of providing an alternative to traditional business education, BSL has stayed true to its entrepreneurial spirit throughout the years, establishing itself as a learning hub for ambitious and talented students from around the world. It has created a truly global learning environment where professors and students of diverse backgrounds work in close partnership. BSL’s students benefit from the school’s international character, well-established reputation in the business community and close proximity to key international organizations.



    Sanda and Business School Lausanne signed cooperation and exchange agreement in 2012. In 2014, students of relevant majors may have the opportunities to go to study there.


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