Brief Introduction to International Exchange & Cooperation of Sanda University

Sanda University has been actively engaged in exchange and cooperation activities with the institutions of higher learning in countries and regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Span, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong and others since 1996, and, as a result, successively signed cooperative agreements with foreign higher institutions in more than sixty countries.

Upon the endorsement by the Shanghai Education Commission in 2002, Sanda started its undergraduate academic cooperative program with Rider University which is located in New Jersey, the United States in the field of “International Economy and Trade”. The original English textbooks and teaching/learning materials are adopted to be used for most of the basic academic and professional courses for the cooperative program. It is agreed by the both institutions to arranging Rider faculty to come to Sanda to teach the cooperative curriculum in English for the students starting from the second semester of their sophomore year. The program has adopted the format known as 3+1+1 that Sanda students study for the first three years at Sanda and then the final year at Rider. They should return to China to fulfill their dissertation requirement. Sanda and Rider then will confer an undergraduate degree and a diploma respectively to the students who satisfy the requirements for all academic courses. The program also provides the students who satisfy Rider admission requirements for graduate studies with an opportunity of furthering their studies in the United States working for a Master’s degree. The cooperative program was approved for operation and endorsed for its qualification on January 31st, 2008, won a special award for excellent achievement in teaching in 2005 and 2008 respectively, was honored by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a Third-batch Academic Development Base as well as Excellence Development Project for Shanghai Undergraduate Education in 2008, and won the Third Award for Excellent Teaching Achievement in Shanghai in 2009.  Many students have participated in this cooperative program.  Up till January 2017, the number of Sanda students participating in the program and doing studies in the United States is already over 300.

Approved by the higher authority in the government in 1998, Sanda became a qualified institution authorized to hire foreign professionals and experts.  It hired 4 American professionals to teach oral English for Sanda students of English majors in August the same year.  We started to hire Japanese teachers to set up professional courses for students of Japanese majors in 2001. Rider University, the American partner in our China-foreign cooperative education programs, started in 2004 to send 5 to 8 faculty members to Sanda to teach students in China-USA cooperative classes in the field of “International Economy and Trade”.  Thereafter, the number of foreign professionals hired to teach at Sanda increases year by year. Besides foreign professionals from the United States and Japan, we also hire teachers and professors from United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain and others.  The scope of teaching by foreign professionals has been extended from oral language, listening, speaking, intensive reading, writing, American literature, Japanese literature, selective reading of foreign periodicals, and movie and television program appreciation limited for students in foreign language majors only to oral, listening, writing, Western culture and other academic courses for the entire students in their freshman and sophomore years at Sanda.  We have also obtained the approval from Shanghai Education Commission for the invitation of 2 professionals under Famous Overseas Faculty Program, who actively participate in the scientific development, research on teaching and learning and cultivation of young faculty members and become an important component in the teaching stuff construction and development.  In addition, foreign professionals often organize or participate in extracurricular activities in foreign language such as lectures on culture, language corner, debate competition, speech contest, arts performance and others which not only further enrich the campus life of the students but also enhance their ability of intercultural communication.

In recent years, the number of Sanda teaching stuff going to seek Master’s or PH.D. Degrees or participating in overseas visit and training programs increases every year.  There are 109 Sanda teaching stuff going to study abroad during the period from 2011 to 2015, and 68 teaching stuff alone in Year 2016.

The student exchange has been gradually expanding since 2011 in both scope and form.  The number of Sanda students studying overseas is 603 during the period from 2011 to 2015 and the total of 168 for Year 2016 alone. The exchange activities include student exchange, dual-degree program, upgrade from a junior to a full university degree, upgrade from a BA to a Master’s degree, summer camp, participation of competition programs and others.  The university has also set up Student Overseas Study/ Internship Scholarship to encourage Sanda students to obtain study or internship experience abroad.

Sanda University is the first among all the private institutions of higher learning to receive Shanghai government scholarship for students to engage in overseas studies, and now we have already started the recruitment for this scholarship program.  The English dual degree courses in International Business and Information Management especially set up for international students have gained much development.   By now, Sanda offers 56 professional courses delivered in English and 18 bilingual academic courses.  The number of international students coming to China to learning Chinese language and culture has a satisfactory annual increase after the establishment of School of International Education at Sanda.

Sanda University takes a lead among all private institutions of higher learning in establishing Sanda Branch of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association to provide a platform for returned students from overseas to conduct communication and exchange ideas among themselves.

Sanda also obtained the qualification and certification for recruitment of students from Hong Kong and Macao in 2014 and has been attracting students from these regions to come to study at Sanda ever since.

Sanda Board of Trustees and administrative authorities pay great attention to the international cooperation and academic exchange.  Prof. Jin Li, President of Sanda, put forward clearly the guiding principal of running the institution as “multi-disciplinary, globalized and at high level”.

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