The undergraduate nursing program of School of International Medical Technology at Shanghai Sanda University was established in 2010 with the approval of Shanghai Education Commission. Sanda University was the first private institution of higher learning to provide Baccalaureate-level nursing education in Shanghai.  The Nursing program is created to meet the needs of the rapid development of the international healthcare market with diverse population health challenges. It offers two baccalaureate nursing programs for high school graduates and registered nurses graduated with an associate degree.

Program Missions and Goals:

The Baccalaureate nursing program is established to promote the further development of the nursing profession in China and to supply qualified nurses to the healthcare communities. The program provides modern theories in nursing and health science, practical skills in nursing practice, and creative, innovative and critical thinking for providing proper healthcare solution to public.  


Qualified graduates will master the fundamental theory, knowledge and practice skills of nursing, as well as the professional core competency to become a professional nurse. Additionally, they will develop a good understanding of medicine science, social science and natural science. With these knowledge and skills, graduates from our program will function as a modern nursing professional to take care of clients in various healthcare settings and be responsible to make changes in healthcare environment. The international horizon provided within the campus will allow students to have a global vision that allow them to be more sensitive to various needs demanded by the global health.


Core Professional Nursing Courses:

Four-year full-time degree program includes the following courses:

Normal Human Body Science, Disease Foundation in Natural Science, Introduction to Nursing, Nursing Practice Foundation, Health Assessment, Adult Health Nursing, Maternal and China Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Emergency Nursing Care, Gerontology Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Research, Nursing Management, and Community Health Nursing.


Two-year RN-BSN program (specially designed for RN to acquire BSN degree):

Students enrolled in this program is expected to develop a solid professional foundation, especially in nursing. Courses are designed to meet the nursing advances, and, at the same time, the clinical tracks are set to encourage RN students to succeed in their clinical specialties.


The school provided 4 clinical tracks for students to select

These specialty tracts are: 

Critical care Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Peri-operative nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Pediatric Nursing). Students can select two clinical specialties as a core base for nursing specialty study. In addition, students are required to take higher level nursing courses in Nursing Management, Community Health Nursing (including Gerontology Nursing), and Mental Health


Awarded degree:

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing

Students who completed 4 years’ courses with satisfactory scores will be awarded with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Those students who meet the graduation criteria can sit for the National Nursing License Examination right after their graduation. Once they passed the license examination, they are registered as a professional nurse and can work in healthcare settings.


Career Opportunities:

Nursing graduates will be qualified for jobs in various organizations and healthcare settings such as general hospitals, specialized hospitals, community health centers, health promotion institutions and international healthcare related companies.

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