The School of Information Science and Technology was established in September 2011. It was formed by incorporating two disciplines (E-commerce, and Information Management and Information System) into the School of Computer Science (founded in April 2003).

    Now it has two departments: the Department of Computer Science and Technology, and the Department of Information Management and E-Business. There are four undergraduate programs: Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information Management and Information Systems, and E-Business.

    In 2006, The School of Information Science and Technology signed a decade long agreement with the Shanghai Pudong Software Training Center. The center serves as an off-campus teaching base and student experience learning center. It provides intern opportunities for senior students, co-advisors on essays for degrees, and course development supports to faculty member. More than 20 companies are involved in the activities, including Tata Information Technology (China) Co., Ltd. and Infosys Technologies (China) Co., Ltd from India.

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