The Spanish Department of Sanda University, established in 2010, has a strong faculty team led by a famous professor whose reputation is known to the Spanish language education circle and with all the younger faculty members having both graduate degree and working experience in foreign countries, who have strong team work cooperation, devotion to teaching and research, serious attitude, excellent professionalism, and care for every student to become a talented and successful person. The characteristic of this major is to emphasize on the cultivation of students’ oral and interpretation skills, and on the assurance of the time and effort spent on oral interpretation courses to be higher than most of the institutions of higher learning in the country. In addition, the Department offers a good number of the application-oriented business courses in Spanish language including Business Management, Marketing, Foreign Trade Practice, Foreign Secretary, Latin American History, General Situation of Spain, and etc.  The students receive good basic training in Spanish listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, spend sufficient class hours in learning English language so that their English oral and written abilities are very strong, and eventually possess the basic potential and quality to be engaged in translation work in the realm of economy and trade related to Spanish language, management, teaching, research and practice, and are very much appreciated and welcomed by the employers.  The Department, ever since the first group of graduates in 2014, has maintained its students’ employment rate as 100%. Currently, the major of Spanish language has been designated by Shanghai Municipal education authorities to be a pilot unit, experimenting a junior college - university articulation project. The Department enrolls not only those who have no foundation of foreign language at all, but also those who have some foundation of the language, whom the Department will stream into classes for different levels of study, making tremendous efforts in cultivating high-caliber, application-oriented, and talented Spanish language professionals. The Department currently has enrolled about 250 students studying this major, and sincerely welcomes the students interested in developing international trade and business relations with Latin American countries.


Training Objective

The Department is devoted to cultivate high-caliber, multidisciplinary, application-oriented, and talented Spanish language professionals who have a solid foundation of Spanish language and good language application ability, and a good understanding of the basic information of the history, culture and society of the Spanish speaking countries, master data collection, document retrieval and primary scientific research methods, and certain capabilities in scientific research and work practicality, and possess strong application ability using English as a second language, wide interest in learning knowledge, good psychological quality, strong adaptability, good capability of engaging in oral and translation work posts dealing with foreign affairs, foreign companies, international trade, culture, education, tourism, and others.


Training Approach

The Department, based on the requirements for knowledge structure and application abilities of talented personnel, has established the corresponding curriculum system, namely, the applied business courses in Spanish, in addition to general courses, and, at the same time, the cooperative mechanism of production, learning, and research. The students enhance their innovation and practical work ability through conducting internship activities in companies and enterprises.  The Department has made substantial achievements in school-enterprise cooperation; for example, the students have the opportunity to participate in the on campus practical training or off campus enterprise interns, and also have the opportunity to go overseas to do further studies at well-known foreign institutions for a Master’s degree or an advanced professional certificate, all of which greatly enhance the students’ employment competitiveness.


Faculty Team

The Spanish Department has a high caliber faculty team of 10 teaching professionals including 1 foreign faculty member, 2 adjunct professionals from enterprises, and 2 part-time teachers (pertinent structure of professional titles, all the faculty members have the qualifications of Master’s degree and above, and with 1 Ph.D. student).


Characteristics of School Running

The Department, based on the application-oriented education, emphasizes on the cultivation of students’ oral and interpreting skills, provides students with good basic training in Spanish listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, offers a good number of the application-oriented business courses in Spanish language, and strengthens the cultivation of students' professional abilities.


Main Courses

The main courses include Basic Spanish comprehensive, advanced Spanish comprehensive, Spanish viewing, listening and speaking, Spanish reading, Spanish writing, Spanish-to-Chinese Translation, Chinese-to-Spanish Translation, Spanish Interpretation, Spanish Newspaper Reading, Business Management (Spanish), Marketing (Spanish), International Trade Practice (Spanish), Foreign Secretary (Spanish), General Situation of Spain, Latin American History, and etc.


Degree to be Conferred

Bachelor of Arts


Skill Certificate Available to Obtain 

Professional level 4 and level 8


Employment Rite Over the Years

The employment rate has been 100% ever since the first group of graduates in 2014.


Employment Prospects

The employment prospects include Spanish-speaking countries' foreign missions and agencies in Shanghai, Shanghai offices of foreign-funded enterprises, Sino-foreign joint venture entities, various foreign trade import and export companies, cultural exchange companies, Chinese overseas investment projects, educational institutions, and travel agencies, engaging in translation, interpretation, tourist guide, and management work in companies and enterprises.

Some Employment Units Over the Years 

Some employment units over the years include Shanghai Foreign Service Co., LTD., Mexico Airlines, Consulate General of Colombia in Shanghai, Consulate General of Cuba in Shanghai, ZARA of Spain, Columbia Asia Investment Group, Mexico Procurement Company, SHANGHAI CHINA INT’L TRAVEL SERVICE LTD Shanghai China International Travel Service, Ltd., China Youth Travel Service, Argentina Ocean Fishing Company, and many other foreign trade companies.

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