The English Department offers a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, serving approximately two hundred and forty undergraduate students in any given year. The department boasts an excellent English faculty distributed among four academic areas: Literary Studies, Composition and Rhetoric, Linguistics and Translation. Students may choose from the following three emphases. The English Teaching Emphasis fulfills teaching certification requirements and prepares students to teach in school districts around Shanghai. The Business English Emphasis focuses on vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of business, trade, finance, and international relations with reference to the communication skills needed for business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, correspondence and report writing. The Journalistic English Emphasis provides an intense workshop for those interested in understanding the changing role of journalism in the new century and in learning the art of journalism ?either because they want to pursue careers as journalists or because they want a better sense of how journalism really works. The English Department’s central mission is to help students develop an expertise for responding to such academic orientations and thus equip them with the skills that employers seek, or simply satisfy their personal interests.

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