The Department of Labor and Social Security of Shanghai Sanda University was established in 2004, passed the evaluation of newly added undergraduate lines of study by the Shanghai Municipal Education in 2008, and was granted the right to confer a Bachelor's Degree.  It also passed the qualification evaluation of undergraduate lines of study at Shanghai institutions of higher learning in 2008.  The Department has a highly qualified rank of faculty, with the young and middle-aged (with an average of 45 years of age) as the majority, a combination of full and adjunct professionals in a very reasonably structured work assignment. 

The goal of the Department is to meet the needs of the development of the socialist market economy, and focus on cultivating high caliber application-oriented and export-oriented personnel who master fundamental theoretical knowledge and skills, and obtain the needed abilities including Decision Execution, Organization Coordination, Investigation and Prediction, Business Operation, Cooperation and Innovation. The core courses include Introduction to Social Security, Social Welfare and Social Assistance, Social Insurance, Labor Economics, Labor Law and Social Security Law, Management of Social Security Funds, Human Resources Management, and Introduction to Social Work.

The Department of Labor and Social Security pays great attention to teaching reform and scientific research, actively practices mobile teaching methods, utilizes mobile learning tools, which greatly expand the convenience and interactivity of course learning, such as Learning Through and Rain Classroom and others, changes the traditional classroom teaching mode to a multi-functional atmosphere in which students pre-study before class, actively interact with faculty in class, enthusiastically engage in case study discussion in class as well as interaction with faculty and fellow students after class. 

The Department, based on the cultivating students’ professional quality, business ability, and work post adaptability, is determined to do its best to set up an application-oriented curriculum system, establish an independent Labor and Social Security lab, actively carry out experimental teaching and learning, strengthen the construction of off-campus practice base, and, at the same time, build a practical teaching team by taking full advantage of social resources, and hiring industry professionals. 

The Department actively carry out the construction of the second classroom, arranging students to visit off-campus enterprise internship base every semester, learning about the working conditions required by job positions related to Labor and Social Security, organizing students to visit cultural places such as the Civil Administration Museum, assist to expand the size and function of students’ organizations, encouraging and counsel students to participate in various management case competitions, innovation projects contests, and language competitions,  and training and nurturing students’ abilities of using knowledge, innovative thinking and teamwork. We also do our best to create the campus culture with special features, such as hosting the Social Work Case Interpretation Contest and the Scholastic Sanda Reading Contest.

The Department strives to integrate the concept of ideological and moral education in curriculum teaching, extracurricular practice, and etc. We encourage students to actively participate in many voluntary activities such as working for science and technology museums as volunteers, providing assistance to the elderly, voluntarily working at summer day-care centers, school celebrations, expo, garbage collection, and many others, which has become an important force active in our school's volunteer team. 

 Our goal of cultivating high caliber talented personnel is in conformity with the needs of the society. And our students are welcomed and appreciated by employers. professional construction talent training meets the needs of society, The employment contract rate of this Department has kept a very good record for the past 3 years. The employment rate has been maintained at 97.98%.

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