Department of Human Resources Management is determined to cultivate high-caliber, application-oriented professional personnel with all-rounded knowledge and skills who possess better qualities of humanities, scientific literacy, integrity and credibility, knowledge and ability in economy, management, law and human resource management, and capability and competence for human resource management positions at medium and small companies.

The students of this Department will master the basic theory and skills of human resource management, acquire the ability to analyze and solve human resource management problems and issues, and obtain the capability to handle the development and management of human resources, through systematic basic studies of economics, management, modern enterprise management, and human resource management, as well as receive systematic training in human resource management. The major courses for the students include Human Resource Management, Human Resource Strategy and Planning, Job Analysis and Organizational Design, Recruitment Management, Performance Management, Personnel quality Assessment, Salary Management, Human Resource Training and Development, Employee Relationship Management, and etc. The main practice programs include Social Practice, Professional Internship, Graduation Internship, Graduation Thesis (Design), Comprehensive Experimental Training (mainly recruitment management training, performance management training, and others), Military Training, and Cognitive Practice.

The department implements a flexible academic schooling. The normal schooling is 4 years, while it could be flexed to the minimum of no shorter than 3 years or to the maximum of no longer than 6 years. The students will be permitted to graduate 

Students of this department will be permitted to graduate when they successfully fulfill all the required courses and the minimum number of credits according to the requirements set by Guided Training Plan, complete all the arranged extracurricular activities, and obtain a total number of credits of no fewer than 160.  Graduates who meet the conditions and qualified for a bachelor level degree will be conferred with Bachelor's Degree in Management.

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