The Department established the field of study of Engineering Management in 2003 with the endorsement of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It has nurtured undergraduate graduates for the past 13 years.


   Engineering Management is a newly emerged interdisciplinary study of engineering technology and economic management, aiming at cultivating application-oriented and talented professionals of engineering management, who have comprehensive knowledge and skills of Management, Economics, Civil Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering Law, Information Technology, and Foreign Language, possess the capability of handling responsibilities concerning construction management, cost management, green building certification, and construction information management, as well as building construction management, cost management, green building certification, construction information management, project development and operation for construction companies, real estate appraisal, project planning and others, and have the qualification and capability of working for domestic and foreign engineering construction companies, building construction companies and relevant intermediary agencies.


   With the fast development for the past several decades, the Teaching/Learning Plan of the Department of Engineering Management has been constantly improved; the rank of faculty has been substantially expanded (today, associate professors occupy 80% and “Double Qualified” faculty also occupy 80%); and the conditions for teaching, learning, practice and experiment have been continuously enhanced.  The Department now a few experimental/practice/training facilities including Sand Table Simulation Training Room for Project Management, Building Model Display Room, BIM Experiment Training Room for Engineering Management, Assembly Project Collaboration Management Training Room, and Engineering Cost & CAD Drawing Training Room and many other multi-functional training rooms.

   The Department of Engineering Management of Shanghai Sanda University, as a member of Pudong Real Estate Trade Association, has established cooperative relations with a number of well-known companies and enterprises in Shanghai and in the country such as Shanghai Construction Fifth Construction Group, Shanghai Machinery Construction Group, Shanghai Green City Construction Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinqiao Construction Supervision Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guo Ce Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd., and others.  As a result, the students graduated from the Sanda are popular in industries and enterprises; their employment situation is getting better and better, and very often our graduating students are in short supply. Therefore, we have to expand the scale of our enrollment to satisfy the needs of the market. For instance, the Department, from 2003 to 3013, enrolled around 65 students for two small classes every year, while from 2014 to the present, it enrolled around 90 students for three small classes. The Department started to enroll students for the vocational-university articulation program in 2015; conducted the 1 + X Certification of Vocational Skill Level training in 2018; and submitted application to the Ministry of Education for the approval of the vocational-university articulation and transfer program which was approved in 2019 and started the enrollment for the program.


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