The Major of Marketing of Sanda University, established in 2000,  was granted by Shanghai municipal government as the First Batch of Undergraduate Majors in Private Universities and Colleges in Shanghai, and obtained the approval to become the First Batch of Pilot Major of Marketing (new retail direction) of Shanghai Secondary Vocational Education-Applied Bachelor Undergraduate Education Articulate Model in 2020.  Marketing is a young academic field of study, born at the end of the 19th century in the United States, and was introduced into China in the late 1970s around the beginning of China’s reforms and opening up to the world.  In the past 40 years and more, as a basic public course for economic management, the subject knowledge of marketing has, in the process of widespread dissemination and popularization, enlightened the Chinese people's awareness of commodities, promoted the establishment of the marketing concept of enterprises, and gradually become a tool consciously used by operators in market selection, market positioning and decision making of marketing strategies.  A large number of talented professionals in Marketing Major have been cultivated and become the backbone of various Chinese enterprises and institutions, making great contributions to the economic reform, opening up of the nation, transformation of the economic system, and the rapid growth of the national economy.


  Today, in the context of the rapid development of information industry promoted by the Internet, data has become a new key production factor, and digital technology is providing a steady stream of power for innovation. Digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G and blockchain are widely used, and the pace of digital transformation in all walks of life has been greatly accelerated. With the help of ultra-large-scale market advantages, China’s transformation from an industrial economy to a digital economy has begun.  


  In the process of this profound transformation of economic concepts and trends, marketing theory and practice once again stand at the forefront of national social and economic reform. A series of new digital marketing forms have emerged such as E-mail marketing, content marketing, live broadcasting, social media marketing, SEO website marketing, PPC, SMS, alliance marketing, consumer portraits and market environment simulation, and others, forming a beautiful landscape, pushing the country's digital transformation forward in depth.


  With the nature of national economic transformation is now changing from the digitized industry to the industrial digitization, the digitized marketing will now also be changing in depth to marketing digitization correspondingly. Once again, history has pushed the academic field of study of Marketing to a new and higher starting point.  There are full of opportunities and challenges facing the major of Marketing.  Its space and prospects for development will be far beyond our imagination.


  Young students, who are willing to make contributions to the national construction and have ambitions to realize their own wonderful life, will devote themselves to the cause of marketing, and, undoubtedly find their own position and role on the stage of the Masterpiece of Magnificent Economic Transformation and give full play to their brilliant talent.


? Teaching Objectives


  The training objective of this major is to cultivate enterprise operation and management talent reserve with digital economy consciousness, solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, the ability of preliminary marketing practice and decision analysis, broad vision, ambition, entrepreneurial potential, noble moral sentiment, social responsibility, and adaptation to the transformation of the national digital economy.



? Core Curriculum

  The main courses include College English, Foundation of Economic Mathematics, Fundamentals of Computer Culture, Multimedia Technology, Application of Database Technology, Economics, Management, Economic Law, Accounting, Financial Management, Statistics, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Management Information System, Marketing, Market Research and Forecast, Marketing Planning, Advertising, Marketing Management, Channel Management, Strategic Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, Consumer Behavior, Introduction to New Retail, Digital Marketing, Business Data Management, New Media Marketing, International Marketing, E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Professional English, and etc.  Out of the above listed:

· Introduction to New Retailing: Online and Offline Integrated Operation

· Business Data Management: Business (Big) Data Analysis and Application

· Digital Marketing: Customer Portrait

· New Media Marketing: Online video marketing, game-based marketing, e-book, e-magazine, image marketing, advertorials promotion, live + web celebrity, and etc.


? Faculty


  There are 14 faculty members in total participating in the teaching of professional courses in the major of Marketing, including 3 full professors, 3 associate professors and 8 lecturers. Among them, there are 10 full-time teaching professionals from Sanda University.  The faculty team is composed of those with higher education degrees, strong ability in scientific research, and rich teaching experience, those with working background in enterprise marketing and high proficiency in practical and experimental teaching methods, and also those young faculty members who have returned from abroad with overseas study background, broad vision and active mind.


Distinctive Features


  The Department is dedicated to the characteristic construction of practicality and digitization for the major of marketing, aiming at enabling students to master the basic marketing knowledge and skills such as research, planning, product positioning, demand analysis and others through the experimental teaching and practical training courses on the basis of mastering the relevant theories and knowledge of marketing; to form the basic analytical ability through the theoretical research of problem-countermeasures model; and to possess the basic digital economic literacy and the ability of digital analysis utilization through the teaching and training of digital courses.


 At present, the characteristic training courses of the Department include Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Practical Training, Enterprise Operation Simulation Training, Marketing Actual Operation Simulation Training, College Students' Entrepreneurial Ability Training, Marketing Planning Training, Business Data Management Training,Digital Marketing Training, and etc.



The Qualities, Knowledge and Skills that the Graduates Should Possess


  The graduates from this Department should possess the following qualities, knowledge and skills. They should:

A. have strong patriotism and consciously connecting personal progress and

     achievements closely with national social and economic development;

B. have broad vision and ambition, determination to make contributions to

    nation’s construction;

C. familiarize themselves with and faithfully implement relevant national guidelines, policies and regulations, understand and consciously and strictly implement international marketing practices and rules;

D. be honest, trustworthy, with a high level of professional ethics in business activities;

E. have a solid theoretical foundation in economics, management, marketing, finance, law, and etc.;

F. have the awareness of digital economy, and preliminarily form the thinking method suitable for digital economy;

G. Master the scope, process and basic rules of marketing activities;

H. Preliminarily equip themselves with the ability to independently analyze problems and solve practical marketing issues;

I. have preliminary digital analysis ability and basic skills of digital marketing;


? Employment Directions and Targeted Job Posts


  The employment directions include Manufacturing, Commodity Circulation, Foreign Trade, All Types of Intermediary Services, and All Types of Internet Enterprises (various new forms of business, new models).


  The targeted job posts include Marketing Research, Marketing Planning, Marketing Consulting, Sales Management, Brand Management, Customer Service, and Digital Marketing.


Schooling and Degree to be Conferred

  Schooling:  standard schooling of 4 years;

  Degree to be conferred:  Bachelor of Management    


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