The professional majors offered by Shengxiang School of Business in the initial stage of the establishment of Sanda University were set up and undertaken by Professor Luo Shuru and Professor Huang Guoxiang from College of Management of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Dong Wenjun from College of Economics and Management of Peking University, Professor Chen Yingyuan also from Peking University and Professor Hu Qingkang from Fudan University. The School started to offer a two-year major of International Business in 1992, two-year major of International Finance in 1993 (it stopped the enrollment in 2004), three-year college degree in 1995, major of Insurance in 1996, and the major of Marketing in 2000. The School now consists of five departments: International Economics and Trade, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Law, offering undergrduate majors of International Economics and Trade, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, and Law.


  The Chinese Ministry of Education officially approved Sanda University as an undergraduate university-level institution of higher education on March 6th, 2002.  As a result, the four majors of School of Business including International Economics and Trade, Finance, Accounting, and Marketing became the  first batch undergraduate majors offered by the private institutions of higher education in Shanghai. Another two majors of Law and Financial Management were further set up in 2005 and 2006 respectively.


   The School, approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, established the Sanda-Rider joint program of International Economics and Trade in February, 2002. This international cooperative program was granted by the Chinese Ministry of Education to be included in the Third Batch of National Academic Major Construction Units with Special Features in 2008, meanwhile, became a Highland Project for undergraduate education in Shanghai.  The School added another two specially orientation of Financial Management (CIMA orientation) and Finance (CFA orientation) in September, 2017, distinctive class of International Economics and Trade with courses taught in English.


   Shengxiang School of Business has a relatively complete echelon faculty team with high caliber professionalism and rational organization structure. The team is currently composed of about 120 full-time and adjunct faculty and staff members. Among the full-time faculty members, there are 24 with senior titles, 9 full professors, and 15 associate professors. Among other teaching personnel and administrative staff, there are 19 with doctoral degree and 49 with master's degree, and 24 full-time administrators and counselors.


  Following the University's goal of Striving to build Sanda to become a multi-disciplinary, internationalized, high academic level, and application-oriented polytechnic institution of  education, the School emphasizes application-oriented personnel training and practical teaching. Among the full-time faculty members of the School, more than 60% are double-qualified professionals. The Practical Teaching Center of Shengxiang School of Business, Sanda University, was initially set up as an education highland project (education innovation project) for Shanghai private education, and later as a specially funded project supported by the government with a total investment of 22.40 milliom RMB, forming a practical teaching base with a total area of more than 1,500 square meter, with Modern Business Process Management Training Rooms, Smart Retailing Lab, Intelligent Logistics Lab, Data Analytics Lab, Financial Shared Service Lab, International Business Lab, Bank Simulation Lab, Stock Exchange, Simulation Lab, Court Simulation Lab, etc.  The School provides an opportunity for every major to have its practical training place on campus so that the faculty and students can carry out different types practical teaching and learning activities with different teaching and learning methods, giving tremendous support to practical teaching and learning and cultivation of application-oriented talented business professionals.  The School, attaching great importance to the cultivation of global competitive talents, has established cooperation and collaboration with 32 partners from13 countries and regions in the world including the United States, Britain, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and China's Taiwan, Macao and so on.With plenty choices and ample opportunities, including winter and summer camps, long-term and short-term student exchanges, dual-degree programs, students are to be acquaint with diversified culture and the development of economy worldwide. 


  Shengxiang School of Business, dedicated to cultivating modern business talents who are trustworthy,competent, and with global perspectives. It is becoming one of the most influential cultivation bases of application-oriented high-level business talents in the Yangtze River Delta region.  


     Since 2017, the 3 academic fields of Finance, International Economics and Trade, and Marketing have been successively approved by Shanghai Municipal Government as High School-Undergraduate Articulation Programs, in which Finance and International Economics and Trade have respectively been approved as the pilot project of application-oriented undergraduate education for higher education institutions in the jurisdiction of Shanghai municipality.  The academic field of Finance has become one of the first-class undergraduate major construction units in Shanghai in 2020.  The School developed through advancing the construction of academic disciplines and faculty and staff team, keeps deepening the teaching reform, strengthening the teaching management, refining the School’s ethos, and enhancing the level of talented personnel training. The School has nurtured high caliber graduates with comparatively more solid foundation of learning, possessing strong hands-on ability, mastering the application of English language and computer, who are very welcomed by employers.The School of Business has made due contributions to the development of Shanghai City and Pudong District.

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