Mr. Daniel Koo Shing cheong

Chairman of Hong Kong Sohung Department Store, former member of CPPCC National Committee; Honorary President of Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. Honorary President of Sanda since 1993. At the initial stage of Sanda he took the lead in making the first donations to Sanda University to build Gu Shengxiang Teaching Building, Gu Shengxiang Science and Technology Building, and Gu Li Garden.


Mr. Kuang-Piu Chao

Chairman of the Board of Hong Kong Novel Co., Ltd, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, and Honorary Citizen of Shanghai. Honorary President of Sanda since 1999. Since 1996 he has made several donations to Sanda to build Cao Guangbiao Library, Guangbiao Teaching Building, and Xin Geng Garden. His eldest son Mr. Cao Qiyong made donations to establish the Teachers Recreational Center on Jiashan Campus.

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