With the development of China's fashion industry and the competitive environment of international brands, the fashion retail market is fully open, and the society in the future will need a lot of managers and marketers for fashion industry.  Therefore, the Department has effectively integrated the three aspects of industrial practice, academic learning, and scientific research to highly enhance the international perspectives, English language proficiency and the professional abilities of students, through the establishment and development of off-campus practical training and internship bases jointly by Sanda and its partner companies and the project-embedded curriculum, relying on Master Teacher Studio for teaching and training, and adopting the course modules jointly developed by this department and our colleagues and friends in foreign institutions of higher learning.


Training Objective 

The training objective of this Department is to cultivate our students to become versatile, innovative, application-oriented, and talented technical professionals who develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically, possess the basic theoretical knowledge of Costume Science and Aesthetic literacy, master the professional knowledge and skills of the management in modern marketing and sales, conform to the development needs for new-era fashion industry marketer, and equip themselves with sharp market insight, the ability of being engaged in work posts such as Fashion Buyer, Brand Market Planning, New Retail Management, Fashion Marketing and Promotion, Display Planning, and Clothing Network Marketing and others.


Main Courses

The main courses offered by this Department include Retail Management, Consumer Behavior (bilingual), Fashion Buyer (bilingual), International Fashion Brand Planning (bilingual), Fashion Industry Management, Supply Chain Management, Fashion Visual Marketing, Integrated Communication Marketing, New Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, E-commerce, Fashion Frontier Technology, Fashion Photography and Videography, Introduction to Communication Studies, Fashion and Aesthetics, Fashion Creative Writing, and etc.


Characteristic Education

According to the requirements of good development of knowledge, ability and quality for the high-caliber application-oriented personnel at the undergraduate level, the Department has adopted the educational system of this line of study with the characteristic features of 1+3+4, in consideration of combining the school academic content with the characteristics of Fashion Marketing. These features mean:


1. One Mode means the cultivation mode for application-oriented talented personnel.  The Department will make devoted efforts in accurate positioning of the target for cultivating talented personnel, relying on the fashion economic development and serving the SMEs in Shanghai, focusing on the development of students’ abilities, and setting up a new system for modular practical teaching and training programs.


2. Three Emphasis means that emphasizing the criteria for cultivating talented personnel should be in conformity with the professional standards; emphasizing the professional curriculum should be in conformity with industrial standards; and emphasizing the course content should be in conformity with the requirements for vocational skills.


3. Four Embodiments means embodying the cultivation of talented personnel based on vocational needs, embodying the cooperation between academic institutions and enterprises, embodying the integration of industry and education, embodying the enhancement of practical teaching and training.



The Degree to be Conferred

Bachelor of Arts, with a schooling of 4 years


Employment Prospects

    Graduates of the Department are expected to be employed by companies and enterprises of Fashion Brand, Marketing Planning, Clothing E-commerce, Advertising, Fashion Media, and the related entrepreneurs, to be engaged in work positions such as Fashion Buyer, Retail Operation and Management, Fashion Brand Marketing and Planning, E-Commerce Operator, Visual Exhibitor, Fashion Public Relations, Fashion Editing, Network anchor, and etc.


Cooperative units and Brand Names

     Cooperative units and Brand Names include Orient International (Holding) Group, Co., Ltd., Li & Fung Group, Shanghai Garment Group, Changshu Garments Town,  PradaH&MUniqloURCOSLevisLes Enphants Land, Bosideng, K-Boxing, Mark Fairwhale, JDV and etc.



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