Training Objective

The Department is targeted to cultivate the high caliber application-oriented talented students to enjoy good physical and mental health, to possess fine qualities of integrity and dedication, to have the abilities of fashion innovation, make-up and hair design, fashion design, aesthetic appreciation, and other overall character modeling ability, to satisfy the requirements of work posts for Image building and consultation, garment collocation and application, and fashion communication, and to equip themselves with international perspectives.


Criteria for Professional Students, Abilities for Job Posts, and Employment Target

1. Criteria for Professional Students

The Department sets up high criteria for the students in this line of study, requiring them to have strong teamwork spirit and good interpersonal communication skills and possess a solid foundation of artistic and cultural knowledge and skills, and a sufficient ability of art appreciation and evaluation, in order to cultivate high-caliber application-oriented Character Modeling Designers, Fashion Buyers, Trainers for fashion industry, and etc. for small and medium-sized companies and enterprises of character modeling designing and the fashion related industries.


2. Student Competence required by Job Posts

The graduating students in this line of study should be equipped with the knowledge, skills and the competence in various types of makeup design, hairstyle design, and overall image design.  They will also possess the capability of adopting and utilizing different measures of makeups, hire styling, garment, collocation, and etc. and the ability of conducting the overall image design, based on the characteristics and different situations of the target characters, to reveal artistic beauty.

They should know well all kinds of design style, design principals and rules, essential methods and skills in collocation, and possess the abilities of color diagnosis, the clothing style analysis, the dress designing and the manufacturing,style selection, collocation analysis and evaluation,and providing professional image design, customer services and analysis.

They should be equipped themselves with the abilities of etiquette reception consultation, professional protocol and training services.


3. Service Direction

The study of Clothing and Apparel Design is designed and targeted to serve the design or makeup studios of Small and medium-sized clothing and fashion industries, film and TV studios, fashion cultural creativity companies and enterprises, and self-employed entrepreneur.


Professional Core Courses

The professional care courses include Fashion Clothing Collocation, Hairstyling Technics, Makeup Technics, Fundamentals of Holistic Ergonomic Modeling Design, and Three-Dimensional Tailoring.


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