Department of Clothing and Apparel Design offers a number of lines of fashion study including Clothing Design, Accessory Design, Buyers and Matching, and other related fields, introducing the first-class international teaching and learning curriculum system with a combination of high quality Chinese curriculum, All-English curriculum, and bilingual curriculum. It also has an excellent team of globalized faculty and staff composed of Sanda full-time faculty, business instructors, and foreign invited scholars, aiming to create an international Platform for fashion teaching and learning.


    This Department cooperates with Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd, a well-known domestic stock enterprise, to jointly teach and train students.  At present, the department has a Digital Sewing Machine Classroom, a Digital VR Training Room, a Plate Making Laboratory, an Image Design Laboratory, a Knitting Training Room (Sino German cooperation), a Fashion Studio, a Leather Accessories Studio, and other professional experimental training facilities.


      The school-enterprise cooperation project, with “Master Studio” as the center, has been imbedded into the school curriculum, fully following the Industry standards and international trends, and laid a solid foundation for cultivating students’ professional quality by organizing them to participate in real school-enterprise cooperative projects, international designing contests, and other activities.


   The employment rate of the graduates in 2019 is 100%.  At present, the Department has established close cooperative relationship with more than ten famous foreign clothing art colleges, providing students with a variety of academic opportunities such as 3 + 1 undergraduate program in Hong Kong, 2 + 2 undergraduate and 4 + 1 master's degree programs in the United Kingdom.


Training Objective 

    The training Objective of this Department is to cultivate application-oriented and versatile personnel with all-rounded knowledge and skills, who possess good international perspective, strong aesthetic and digital fashion innovation ability, solid professional knowledge and skills, proficiency in mastering general technology of apparel industry, such as capable of designing, knowing the craftsmanship, understanding the market, and knowing how to develop to meet the needs of skilled personnel for the development of fashion industry in the Yangtze River Delta Region.


Main Courses

    The main courses offered by this Department include Digital Fashion, Virtual VR Fashion Design, Womenswear Design, Menswear Design, Knitted Apparel Design, Fashion Apparel Collocation, Creative Platemaking, Three-dimensional Cutting, Apparel Crafting, Creative Expression of Fabrics, Accessory Design, Fashion Buyer, Fashion E-commerce, Garment English, Fashion photography, and etc.


The Degree to be Conferred

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts

The Certificate to be Granted

    The Skill Certificates to be granted to the qualified graduates include Clothing Plate Maker, Clothing Collocation, and Virtual Software Designer



Employment Prospects

Graduates of the Department are expected to be hired by the companies and enterprises such as small and medium-sized apparel companies and studios, as well as related fashion industries, to be engaged in the job positions of apparel designer, assistant designer, plate designer, fashion magazine editor, window dresser, fashion stylist, fashion brand buyer, fashion brand public relation and other application practitioner.


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