Cultivation Objectives

The cultivation objective of the Department is designed to nurture the application-oriented and specialized talented personnel with strong sense of social responsibility and mission, solid foundation of basic theory in network communication, good ability of communication skills, mastering the law of network communication in the era of Intelligent media, good proficiency in handling Internet and new media technologies, collection and compilation of news information and audiovisual content online, professional ability in broadcasting and all-media operation, and strong professional quality and innovative thinking possessed by modern media people.


The Length of Schooling

4 years

The Degree to be conferred

Bachelor of Arts


The Basic Courses

The basic courses offered to the students include Marxist Thought of Journalism, Introduction to Communication Studies, Integrative Journalism, News Interview and Writing, Introduction to Internet and New Media, Photography and Videography, Image and Image Processing, Film and Television Post-production, Ethics and Regulations for News Communication, and etc.;


The Core Courses

The core courses include: Web Design and Production, Media Integration Reporting, Online News Editing, Online Audiovisual Program Production, New Media Product Design and Project Management, Digital Multimedia Work Creation, New Media Data Analysis and Application, Online Public Opinion Monitoring and Judgment, Social Media Marketing, Comments on Internet Media, and etc.


Professional Practice Courses

Professional Practice Courses include: Short Video Creation, Visualization of News Information, Panoramic Photography Practical Training, Live Webcast Drills, New Media Advertising, Creativity of All-media Copywriting, Operation of Weibo and Public Account, Operation of Network Variety Show and Network Drama, and etc.;


Employment rate over the years:

2017: 100%;

2018: 95.73%;

2019: 96.08%.


Employment Prospects:

The employment prospects for the graduating students of this Department include almost all occupational positions spread out all over the all-media operating platform of mobile internet industry such as internet audiovisual media communication companies, social media platforms, MCN institutions, data information service management companies, new media advertising companies, Public relation companies, e-commerce platforms, new media sectors of traditional media agencies, new media operation and management sectors of various types at different Levels of enterprises and institutions, and etc.

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