Sanda University Extended Warm Welcome to 2020 Freshmen

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October 7th and 8th are the registration days for new students of Shanghai Sanda college. Jiashan campus and Jinqiao campus welcomed more than 3600 freshmen.

Chairman, Party Secretary Zhu Shaozhong, Principal Chen Yiyi, Vice President Lou Binchao, Pan Huibin, Vice Secretary of Party Committee Xu Jinzhong, Chen Wei, visited registration centers and canteens on two campuses, showing concern for the enrollment process and volunteers in the orientation work.

Under the requirements of the school’s epidemic prevention and control, freshmen carrying green health codes, ID cards and admission letters entered the campus after identity verification, temperature examination and luggage disinfection at the school gate.

Although parents cannot accompany their children to the school, our school organized more than 700 teachers and students to work as volunteers, setting up information desks for the admission office, academic affairs office, student affairs office and other departments at the school gate. Their warm greetings, thoughtful service, let both freshmen and their parents feel assured.

Teachers and students jointly launched the welcome-day live broadcast, using cameras around the campus, leading everyone to understand the future place of learning, living, growth. A new mother said, “I can get real-time information of the campus thousands of miles away. I can't personally escort my child to the new school, so I feel uneasy. But now I feel relieved to have my daughter go to such a school.” “I wear red every year to welcome the new school year”, said Chen Ying, dean of the School of Information Science and Technology.

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